The Real “F” Word (Video)

Care2 is proud to be working with the ONE on this crucial effort to bring attention to the desperate situation in the Horn of Africa.

By Jeff Davidoff, ONE

ONE has been campaigning fiercely to wake the world up to the terrible tragedy happening in the Horn of Africa. More than 30,000 children have died in just three months, and honestly I can hardly wrap my mind and heart around it. Yet despite this, all I see is inaction. News coverage of the crisis is intermittent and governments around the world have yet to fill the $650 million funding gap needed to provide emergency services. And perhaps worst of all, none of this had to happen in the first place.

Hereís a fact worth knowing: drought is inevitable, but famine is not. Amazing. We know how to prevent famine. People need to know that famine is not just ďsomething that happens in Africa,Ē and that we not only need to address the immediate needs of families literally starving to death, but also ensure that it never happens again. Break the cycle of famine? Sounds good to me.

Thatís why ONE is launching our new PSA ďThe F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity,Ē which you can watch above. Directed by filmmaker Jesse Dylan, this PSA brings together a stunning (and unlikely) group including: ONEís co-founder and U2 lead singer Bono, Somali-born singer and poet Kínaan, FOX news host and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, media magnate Arianna Huffington, former first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush, George Clooney, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Christy Turlington Burns, Kristin Davis, Idris Elba, Colin Farrell, Annie Lennox, Joe Jonas, Liya Kebede, Justin Long, Rob Lowe, Ewan McGregor and Evan Rachel Wood. These incredible voices from the worlds of entertainment, media and politics all came together to shine a bright light on this largely ignored tragedy and spur all of us to do something about it. Now more than ever is the time to do just that.

I know the tone is a bit rough for ONE ó thatís no accident. If it feels like a punch in the face, then good ó mission accomplished. Itís time for a wakeup call and hereís the alarm. Love it? Great. Hate it? OK. Just donít ignore it.

So what can you do? Glad you asked! First, you can make sure to share the above video with all of your social networks (e.g. Facebook likes, Twitter followers, emails to family and friends, etc.). Second, you can†sign our petition to tell US and world leaders to support programs that will help break the cycle of famine for good and help us reach the goal of 500,000 signatories. And if you want, you can also support short term solutions by making a donation to organizations fighting famine on the ground in the Horn of Africa (click†here to learn more).

Sure, the challenge of fighting famine seems daunting Ė that against all odds and every sense of reasonableness, we can raise our voices together to fight famine and its causes. But if Iíve learned anything in my time at ONE, itís how truly powerful we are together. Iíve seen it over and over again. So one more improbable, difficult win in the fight to help the poorest on the planet? Just another day at the office.

Creating this PSA was a labor of love that started from an internal spark and grew into a powerful idea. Iím proud of it and everyone I work with here at ONE. And I can only hope youíll feel that pride, too.

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Photo by DFID - UK Department for International Development via Creative Commons


Christina B.
Christina B7 years ago

This is an amazing video, everyone should at least forward it.

It's actually mind boggling, if you think about it: people are starving to death. They DIE because they have nothing to eat. In the 21st century... When have we become so desensitised to death and suffering?

Christine Stewart

I hope these famous faces uttering the F word (Famine) will shake up world leaders into action!

Ann Breeden
Ann Breeden7 years ago

Here we have famine in one part of the world and adults and children in this country being obese. Doesn't make a lot of sense.
I still question how much of the money that was given in good faith when Haiti was devastated actually went to the people. The same applies to New Orleans. I think people really want to help but the" middle man" seems to gobble it up before it gets to the people who need it the most.

Susan M.
Susan McKinnon7 years ago

Brave. Truly the real obscene word. Must be money for someone at the bottom of this on-going crisis. Think so?

Karen and Edwar O.
Karen and Ed O7 years ago

Did anyone else notice the irony of the MacDonald's advertisement next to this story. Here is a perfect example of one of the reasons there is famine in this world. To supply all those billions of hamburgers, these fast food dumps rely on the raising of millions of cattle. The cattle require millions of acres of land to graze and billions of gallons of water. That doesn't even include the slaughter and processing of the animal flesh. In addition these animals are fed grain which could feed millions of people who are starving. We are a lazy, wasteful species. We go to MacDonald's and that ilk because it is "convenient" and we throw away the cardboard containers and add to our trash build-up.
We are the ones helping to create famine in the world, but because it is somewhere far off we turn our eyes away

Fred Krohn
Fred Krohn7 years ago

Fight famine by fighting excess government. When Walmart can beat government with emergency supplies delivery for flooded New Orleans, it's time to nudge the government out of the equation.

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

I would like to see any money donated to actually reach the people in need instead of being eaten up in costs of administration and theft from gangs.

William Eagle
Bill Eagle7 years ago

You need to watch this video

Richard Hutton
Richard Hutton7 years ago

Don't ignore it just because Bono is involved.

Vlasta Molak
Vlasta M7 years ago

Africa used to be a bread basket of the world, but its population growth (doubling every 20-30 years) had exceeding its carrying capacity and therefore they depend on others to produce their food for the,m. The international organizations such as the World Bank had caused a lot of grief, since most of the money goes for the projects that enrich the corrupt politicians in those countries.

Globalization is another large scam in which jobs from developed countries are shipped to cheap labor countries and thus cause great exploitation in those countries and joblessness in our country. We need to go to local independence of all those large corporations which are shifting capital and stuff around the world causing even more oil spills and global climate change. Areas as Africa should be given lots of condoms, both to prevent AIDS which is rampant and making babies that they cannot feed.