The Royal Wedding Will Displace Homeless People – Urge Windsor to Back Down

While the world looks forward to a lavish royal wedding this spring, it seems like the event will be more of a royal pain for some of Windsor’s least fortunate residents.

In anticipation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage ceremony on May 19, Simon Dudley, the council leader of Windsor, is calling on the police to clear the streets of its homeless people.

Urge Dudley & Prince Harry not to displace homeless people for the royal wedding by signing this petition

Though the wedding will take place privately at Windsor Castle, tens of thousands of Brits and international tourists alike are expected to convene on the community to greet the bride and groom and get a peek at the spectacle. Dudley does not want visitors to have to deal with having to look at homeless people and seeing his “beautiful town in a sadly unfavorable light.”

Go figure that the British elite don’t want to tarnish the extravagant festivities with the reminder that other people are not nearly as financially well off. Why, seeing someone panhandling might prompt some of the visitors to second guess whether the country should be spending millions on a wedding, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

To get homeless residents away from the street, Dudley suggested police utilize the 1824 Vagrancy Act, a law that is not typically implemented in modern times. The law essentially criminalizes people who beg for money and sleep on the street. Homelessness should not be considered a crime, however, as these people are just struggling to survive.

In a formal letter, Dudley contended that services are available to needy people in Windsor, so that homelessness is a “voluntary choice” for the people on the street.

A representative of the charity the Windsor Homelessness Project, Murphy James, very much disagreed, arguing that the local emergency shelter has a wait list and requires advance registration, meaning not everyone is guaranteed to get off the street.

James added, “No one does this from choice. We shouldn’t be demonizing these people but asking them what we can do to help.”

Although the price tag for this upcoming wedding has not yet been tallied, Prince William’s cost $34 million, most of which was allocated to security. Given the cost at hand, you’d think more of an emphasis could be placed on assisting the homeless people of Windsor rather than threatening them with jail.

Speaking of security, however, Dudley might have his strongest point that the homeless residents of Windsor often have a collection of bags, which cannot remain in the streets because of these security concerns. That does sound like a legitimate concern, yet it’s hard to imagine Dudley’s interest in the aesthetics might be his real motivation.

Making the commotion seem even more irrelevant, by the government’s count, there are just eight homeless people in Windsor, though the number is realistically higher since not all people sleep or ask for money out in the open. Regardless, with tens of thousands of people flocking to town, it’s ridiculous to think the crowd would in any way be overwhelmed with homeless people.

Stacey Crawford, a 42-year-old who has been sleeping on a Windsor street for about a year called the situation “rude and heartless.” She explained, “If they’re going to move us, it should be into a permanent home, not out of sight for a day just so that rich people can throw a party.”

Take Action

Considering that Prince Harry has gone out of his way to try to relate to commoners, the idea that his wedding especially would require disrupting the already difficult lives of a handful of homeless people is terrible. Sign the petition calling the royal wedding planners to stand down on this issue.

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I'm surprised by the animosity and criticisms of the English royals. Americans aren't harmed or influenced by them, and they didn't choose to be born royal. It's up to the English people, not us, when to end the influence of the royal family.

As for the homeless, like someone else suggested, gather them up and take them somewhere they can shower, get clean clothes and food, watch the wedding on tv if they want.