The Schools Can’t Stop A Revolution

Regardless of the news that British chef Jamie Oliver is headed out of schools, nothing is going to bring down the food revolution in Los Angeles, California.

After failing to get the LA Unified School District to reverse their decision of banning his show from their schools, Jamie Oliver is not giving up on LA.

An upbeat Oliver was seen doing some local shopping at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market with his wife and 4 children. It’s just one of the many stops he’s making around town in hopes of revolutionizing restaurants and private kitchens throughout the county.

In fact, he made a stop at Patra’s Charbroiled Burgers last Thursday in an attempt to perform some sort of menu makeover. According to attendants, it was definitely a success.

“I had the veggie burger and it was amazing. One of the best veggie burgers I’ve had actually. It had a lot of flavor and the texture wasn’t dry like some of the others I’ve encountered,” said Jolynn Schmitt, a Pasadena resident. “All of the burgers included a small salad, which was delicious.”

The new burgers introduced to Patra’s were made with 100 percent lean beef, accompanied by sprouts and “other healthy condiments,” said Schmitt.

So it seems Jamie might have a shot of changing up the menus at local eateries, but what about changing the hearts of local lunch makers? The school denied him access to filming because he failed to turn in a proposal regarding his plans for the show. However, many residents are wondering if it’s more because of the fact the schools are afraid to reveal what’s going on behind closed doors. After all, Oliver confessed his permit was terminated after he could not promise the schools they would “look good.”

Robert Alaniz, a spokesman for the school district, made it pretty clear they are not interested in the “conflict and drama” associated with last season’s Food Revolution. And other school leaders say it’s more about the cash.

“He has all these great ideas, but we are struggling now. Where is the money?” asked Susan Tilsley, supervisor of nutrition at 15 elementary schools in Sacramento County. However, many people wonder how anything can be cheaper than fresh fruits and veggies.

“I can’t imagine that the food plan Jamie proposes could be that much more expensive than the food already being served,” said Ryan Enz, another attendee who came to see what Jamie was up to at Patra’s.  “I would like to hope they could make it work somehow. The well being and health of the students should be more important than whether or not the schools look bad on television.”

It’s pretty obvious the patrons at Patra’s would be sad to see him go. “He can come cook in my kitchen anytime. It would be an honor,” said Schmitt.

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Yes! On with this food revolution!

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Only in America can you get away with serving trash. McDonalds in Holland served a healthier meal than a Mcdonals in the USA.

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all schools should have healthy meals

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Good luck to him

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Penny wise and pound foolish. Literally.