The Strange Battle of the ‘Gay’ Trash Bins in Zimbabwe

A bizarre controversy has broken out in Zimbabwe over pink garbage cans.

The bins were donated by a gay group, the Sexual Rights Centre, to the city of Bulawayo. They’re metal, painted pink and have the group’s name on them.

They were donated whilst the ruling Zanu-PF party of Robert Mugabe was holding a conference in the city — not coincidentally, according to SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme — where the party once more decided to put forward the 87-year-old Mugabe as President. Sexual Rights Center spokesman Mojalisa Mokoele said the donation of trash bins was intended to raise awareness of cleanliness.

The Bulawayo United Residents Association condemned the bin donation and there have been calls to paint the bins black.

But Bulawayo’s Mayor Thaba Moyo, a member of the opposition MDC-T party, has insisted the City Council will be using the 20 dustbins.

“We really welcome this donation and we are busy trying to arrange to put them in strategic places that receive a lot of traffic,” Mayor Moyo said.

There has been a storm around LGBT rights in Zimbabwe with the recent pro-gay comments of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangarai, from the opposition MDC party, and a nasty split in the Anglican Church’s local branch over the issue. MDC members have threatened to name names of closeted gays in Mugabe’s party.

A spokesperson for the faction of Tsvangarai’s party which opposes him said it was not surprised Cllr Moyo chose to accept the pink bins.

“To us this is not a surprise. Tsvangirai and his people have been advocating for gays and lesbians rights hence they accepted this donation with open hands,” organising secretary, Qhubani Moyo said.

“However, Tsvangirai and his party should not bring gays to Bulawayo. If they want to do it, they should go and do it at Harvest House (MDC-T headquarters), not here.”

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Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago

How stupid can they get? Very

Leia P.
Leia P.6 years ago

stupid and petty

Lilithe Magdalene

Glad to hear there are those in govt positions supporting the LGBT community!
Hey - I want a pink trash can! LOL!

Isabel Ramirez
Isabel Ramirez6 years ago

I'm glad the bins were accepted, they're just for the promotion of cleanliness.

Mitch D.
Mitch D6 years ago

Backwards trash (no pun intended) would condemn this donation and the group who made it.

Joe R.
Joe R6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

Wowl I love that the trash cans are gay! I know some languages assign gender to everything but who know that in Zimbabwe they have real lives replete with intercourse! Gives a whole new meaning to the term banging the cans.

I guess sometimes other issues are so overwhelming people fixate on little things like who's doing what with whom in a bedroom somewhere.

Paul canning
Paul canning6 years ago

@ Steve R

They got rid of the joke currency and replaced it with dollars.

And they may not have oil but they do have DIAMONDS.

C.M Padget
Carolyn Padget6 years ago

I guess they are not familiar with the phrase 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth..."

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

gay and trans people are every where!