The Top 20 Real Food Advocates To Follow On Twitter

Reconnecting with our food; where it grows, and who grows it, is paramount to implementing a more sustainable plan for agriculture all over the world. Food does not simply ‘appear’ in convenient boxes and bags for us to stuff in to our cupboards and freezers.

Someone makes their living by growing, raising, processing or packaging those food stuffs, and that someone makes decisions every day about the feed, land, pesticides, herbicides, equipment, hormones, pasturization and preservatives that will be used, or not used, before it reaches our tables.

It’s been reported that people are becoming more attentive to where their food comes from, and many are returning to gardening and farmers’ markets to obtain food that is healthy and locally produced.

But what about the millions that can’t afford to pay more for better food? And what about the billions around the world that have not even begun to question the ethics and standards that are constantly bypassed in order to provide more, faster, cheaper food?

If you haven’t already tried it, Twitter is an amazing resource for connecting with others who share your concerns about food production, agricultural policy, and the slipping standards of the industrial food machine.

Here are 20 Twitter Users (in no particular order) who have dedicated their lives, both on and offline, to changing the way we grow, purchase, and eat food. Follow them today and get recipes, information, and ideas about how to eat your way to a healthier planet!

1. KitchenKop: An official blogging freak who loves to search out the truth on politically incorrect health and nutrition topics.

2. EatingWell: Official account of the editorial director of EatingWell Magazine, “Where Good Taste Meets Good Health.”

3. ObamaFoodorama: Tweets from the editor of, the blog about White House food initiatives…and other bytes of food politics.

4. HyperLocavore: Tweets from Liz McLellan, a self-proclaimed “crosspollinator” who started; a free yard sharing community helping people grow more food cheaper and closer to home.

5. CivilEater: Twitter account of, a site dedicated to promoting critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems as part of building economically and socially just communities.

6. FoodRenegade: A nutrition and wellness coach that is a passionate advocate for REAL FOOD. Challenging politically correct nutrition one tweet at a time.

7. Meredithmo: A witty self-styled gastronome that’s into sustainable agriculture, local food, permaculture, and slow you-name-it.

8. SlowFoodUSA: National advocacy organization that is helping to build a good, clean and fair food system. (Check out their campaign for better school lunches).

9. FairFoodFight: Twitter account of the unorthodox social network hub that’s dedicated to connecting people who give a crap about local, organic, and real food.

10. FarmtoSchool: Information about how to nourish kids and communities by restoring the connection between children, food, community, land, and place.

11. MoreThanOrganic: Tweets from a small certified organic farm in North Spain. Compelling discussion about developing creative strategies to drive the transition to sustainable living.

12. OrganicNation: From farmers to urban gardeners, and from teachers to restaurant owners, they’re traveling the country to document how sustainable food systems are being created.

13. TheFoodTrust: An organization working to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food.

14. FollowNathan: A unique soul that just spent 5 months/4300 miles biking across the USA, interviewing normal people about food chains, agriculture and environmental issues.

15. CookingUpAStory: An online television show and blog about people, food, and sustainable living.

16. CanarsieBK: Urban container gardener and blogger extrordinare; sharing information about raw foods and being green in the big city.

17. RShreeves: An eco-friendly food blogger for Mother Nature Network, freelance writer, environmentalist, mom, & wife.

18. EdibleStories: Tweets from the award winning regional food magazines,  distributed throughout the US and Canada. Mouthwatering photos and recipes that will ignite your love for local foods (no matter where you live!).

19. Food_Democracy: Twitter account for the founder & director of Food Democracy Now! – Creating a sustainable future through positive food and farm policies.

20. PodChef: A chef, farmer, sustainability advocate and anti-globalist that looks at what we eat, how it’s prepared best, and how it gets to our tables.

Do you follow an individual or organization on Twitter that should be on this list? Share their twitter handle in a comment!

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pity these are all just on twitter, I do not use it

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Please check out and add:


They are medical professionals passionate about promoting sustainability, proper nutrition and are building an online national directory of healthy local food sources.


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I've been following @mariaZnutrition as she is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a VEGETARIAN too, who is passionate about helping and healing people through healthy natural food.

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Please add @ADailyAppleApp to this list. is an online guide to healthy foods and healthy eating. We publish information on one healthy eco-friendly food every day

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for more info, please check out (and share) my

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