The US Helped Create the ‘Migrant Caravan,’ Despite Trump’s Claims

Right now President Trump is desperately trying to play the hits — border security and racist nationalism — in order to fire up†his Republican base†and†Congress under GOP control. In classic Trump fashion, he’s†drumming up hysteria about a so-called “migrant caravan,” which is headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border from Central America.

Trump has made a vow to punish the travelers’ home countries –†namely Guatemala, El Salvador and Haiti — by withholding U.S. foreign aid.

But†President Trump†may have forgotten that the United States played no small role in the current state of affairs in these countries –† including†political instability, gang violence and poverty.


After throwing off the yolk of authoritarianism,†Guatemala made remarkable strides in healing the scars of colonialism and the years of oppression that followed — that is, until the United States caught wind of the government taking an interest in socialism. In 1954, the CIA facilitated a military coup, sparking a prolonged civil war†that led†to the installation of a new dictatorship.

At least 200,000 people lost their lives during this period — many in incredibly horrific ways. The CIA-backed junta regularly employed terrorizing tactics on civilians, such as rape, torture and mass executions.

El Salvador

Not unlike Guatemala, after the collapse of Spainís colonial empire in Latin America, El Salvador endured decades of oppression at the hands of an oligarchy. At the end of the 1970s, however, a left-wing uprising sparked a civil war — but because of the revolutionariesí communist roots, the U.S. felt compelled to intervene on behalf of the established government.

Perhaps the single most traumatic event was the 1981 El Mozote massacre, in which the U.S.-backed military government systematically erased a town of 1,000 from existence over the course of three days.†Despite this atrocity, the U.S. supported the Guatemalan government with financial and logistical support, both before and after the massacre.


Taking advantage of the French Revolution, Haitians carried out a successful slave revolt in 1804, ultimately resulting in the establishment of a republic. In the years that followed, however, Haiti struggled to establish a stable democratic government.

The U.S. has carried out military interventions multiple times in Haiti, beginning with the†1914 occupation†that came in the wake of the assassination of Haitiís dictator. The U.S. completed its gradual withdrawal in 1934, seceding governmental control to the Haitian military.

But the U.S. military would return twice again. In 1991, Haiti elected its first democratic leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide — however he was later ousted in a violent coup by the military. Violence that followed eventually precipitated a U.S.-led intervention, which allowed Aristide to return to power in 1994.

After being re-elected for another, nonconsecutive term in 2000, Aristide found himself again forced into exile quite literally overnight. Though accounts of what happened differ, Aristide and his family say they were stirred awake by U.S. special forces one morning and told that they must join them or else face execution by a military coup. Though then-Secretary of State Colin Powell has long denied it, Aristide†claims he was coerced into signing a letter of resignation before being flown out of Haiti.

Guatemala, El Salvador and Haiti Today

All three countries are, to some large degree, still heavily unstable politically and economically in the aftermath of foreign intervention. While U.S. intervention is, of course, not the lone factor for the current state in these countries — Haiti, for example, has endured several severe natural disasters –† it†has†fostered impoverishment and, by extension, created a breeding ground for organized crime and violence.

Instead of threatening to cut off aid, Trump should be forming a task force to better assess how to help develop, democratize and promote†public safety in these†countries. People should have access to employment opportunities and feel able to raise a family free from fear of violence and destitution.

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Paul B. - Boy, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for examples, aren't you? Was there any such retribution directed at Jerry's Sno Kones, which was their their next stop? That Donut Shop probably never got that much free publicity since it opened! That was probably the whole idea since Blackburn was accompanied by the media. I'm willling to bet it's business as usual and then some today. As a matter of fact, I bet their donut business is booming!

Just out of curiousity, what does this donut and snow cone controversy have to do with President Obama?

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Susanne, it started with Obama who then handed the divisiveness off to the media and Dem leadership. It has never been worse, and it DOESN'T come from Trump or Republicans. Just look at the divisive nature of left stream reporting.
Just Monday in TN, Marsha Blackburn went to a donut shop to buy breakfast for her crew, accompanied by the media. The shop, who is a-political and welcomes local and state Dems at any time. The whole rest of the day, the shop received constant hate mail, Facebook posts, over 1,500 in a matter of hours. You would NEVER see that from the right. The left has whipped up their electorate with so much hate for Trump and anyone they disagree with. We see examples every day, always from the left.

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