The White House Just Admitted That GOP Environmental Policies Will Sink the Economy

While I’m still unsure of how the document escaped severe redaction, the federal climate change report has just been released. It basically comes down to the White House admitting the president and his party are destroying the country.

With California on fire for the second half of the year, aseeminglyannual occurrence, andthe ongoing battle ofindigenous Americans versus oil pipelines– with spillsoccurring frequently–it’s hard to top the ongoing and devastating environmental news. But a climate apocalypse managed just that, and Trump can’t contain it.

The assessment,whichquantifies the effects of climate change in terms of lost lives, damaged infrastructure and lost productivity, the directcost of Trump’s environmental policies will be abouta half-trillion dollars per year.

If you’re keeping a count, that’s added to the trillion dollars that the uber-rich are saddling the deficit with, thanks to Trump’s tax plan. In the case of this new half-billion, the price Americans will pay is a subsidy primarily to fossil fuel CEOs and investors, as deregulation allows them to further wring dry the planet of life with impunity.

Have we reached a turning point where the American public will say enough is enough? I certainly hope so. After all, the White House’s climate report — which they carefully slipped out on the Friday night after Thanksgiving — has, in fact, been noticed.

And it follows on the most recentIPCC report last month, which could basically be summed up as “apocalyptic” and “last chance.” The White House report only reinforces these results.

Climate strike student walkouts have been growing in frequency, with one major coordinated event ofworldwide demonstrations last month anda huge multi-weekstudent walkout plannedforthe following months. If the 2018 midterms were a vote largely for social progressivism, #MeToo, government transparency and diversity, perhaps 2020 can be the vote for the environment.

The IPCC report estimates thatwe have 12 years to save the world. By 2020 we’ll be down to our final decade. I’m afraid you can’t disengage just yet.

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Nancy W
Nancy W6 months ago

Creating value, creating products that didn't suck all the oxygen and energy from the planet. That would be a start. USA should be investing and being at the top of the Development of energy efficient products and services game. They are creating and giving money to corrupt countries willing to bleed lives and enslave citizens for trade that is snowballing into many extinct species and making it more expensive to survive. Its a failed state if they can't create meaningful work that sustains the worlds resources and makes it a safer planet for humans to respect and honour life. Stop choking economic viability in other countries and you stop the immigration problem. You stop separation of children at your borders. You create meaningful work for your own country and you stop addictions and predators that make their living off illegal activity.

Latoya B
Latoya Brookins7 months ago

And yet there are still some people who want them in charge saying "but they're going to fix the economy."

Janis K
Janis K7 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Carole R
Carole R7 months ago


Berenice G

It seems that we're in great danger to destroy this planet and all that it contains including ourselves! We're worst that a virus!!!

Pam Bruce
Pam Bruce7 months ago

This will destroy our world. So much is being allowed that actually destroys. Who in their right mind is allowing this? Oh yeah, the President and his friends. Get them out of office ASAP.

Robert S. R
Robert S. R7 months ago

I know of a number of idealistic votes for Jill Stein. Chasing an ideal economic system is great when you have a choice. We didn’t really have one with trump. The economic reformers who refused to support Hillary helped bring us into this living bleeding hell that is DJT.

No, We don’t need a whole new economic system to combat climate change. We really don’t even have time. We need to be aware that we need to to Stop the trumpian devastation yesterday if possible, attacking the current systems inequities piecemeal if necessary as long as it get results. By the time we get to Stein’s utopia the Earth will have fried.

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld7 months ago

I wish I had a better idea for an economic system.

Freya H
Freya H7 months ago

For once, I agree with Dan B. True, Foteini C, we need a new economic system - but it isn't enough to point out a problem, you still need to come up with a solution.

Meanwhile, Dan B, if you are indeed such a genius, YOU come up with a better economic system yourself.

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld7 months ago

Foteini C.,
Any suggestions?