The Woman on Page 194: Plus-Size Model Bares All for Glamour

By now you’ve probably seen or heard of the woman on page 194.

If not let me introduce you.

Meet Lizzi Miller. She’s a 20-year-old model who recently graced the glossy pages of Glamour magazine in nothing but a thong – all 180 pounds of her.

Miller’s bare-it-all image appears alongside an article on women’s body confidence in Glamour’s September issue. The picture, which highlight’s more than Miller’s beautiful smile, has stirred quite a buzz. As a size 12-14 Miller represents today’s “average” woman and these women are grateful. Glamour editor Cindi Leive reports that she has been inundated with positive responses from readers ever since the magazine hit newsstands:

“The most amazing photograph I’ve ever seen in any women’s magazine.”

“This beautiful woman has a real stomach and did I even see a few stretch marks?…This photo made me want to shout from the rooftops.”

“Get this hot momma off of page 194 and put her on the cover!”

“Thank you for showing a picture of a BEAUTIFUL woman who has a stomach and thighs that look like mine! I have NEVER seen that in a magazine before.”

“This woman rocks and we need more women like her to make a mark on what the real woman looks like.”

Tired of seeing the same stick-thin models splashed across the covers of magazines and billboards and staring on TV and in the movies, Miller’s picture is refreshing, albeit a little shocking. Unlike the models on the first 193 pages of the magazine, Miller is in a natural pose, displaying a belly bulge that hangs over her underwear – not a flat trim tummy – and she is smiling, happy, confident.

Image that, a confident woman with a less than perfect figure? Radical, I know.

Miller and Leive appeared on the Today Show to talk about the picture’s buzz and what this means for the future of the magazine.

“You get a reaction like this and you can really see it. It’s also a sign of the times that women are really looking for a little bit more authenticity and a little bit less artifice in every part of their lives so yea, will it change our approach? I think it will,” said Leive.

On Leive’s blog on she calls on readers to tell her what kinds of image they would like to see more of in Glamour and assures readers that Glamour’s listening and is committed to “celebrating all kinds of beauty.”

Maybe there is hope for the future of Glamour after all, but first a little perspective: out of the entire magzine Miller’s picture measures all but a three-by-three inch square; on the cover is a svelte looking Jessica Simpson who months ago (and time and time again) was ridiculed by the media for her fluctuating weight; and the kicker, in the upper left hand corner of the cover there is a teaser – 3 Flat Belly Secrets – for an article inside on how to trim your waistline.

This is not cohesive messaging by any means. The article that accompanies Miller’s picture encourages women to be confident in their skin – no matter what size – but you don’t have to search long before you find another article instructing you on how you can get that flat belly that you’ve always wanted (without working out!) or another model with a “perfect” pouchless body. 

So, we have a ways to go before Glamour, or any magazine for that matters,starts celebrating “all kinds of beauty” but at least this is a positive step in the right direction. It is my hope that Miller’s picture isn’t forgotten in the coming months and that the memory of the women’s ecstatic reactions from around the country aren’t forgotten either.

I’m skeptical, but I hope Glamour (or any magazine) proves me wrong.

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Lone W.
Lone W3 years ago

This is one HOT lady. I wish we could see a picture of her now in her late twenties.

Laurie Mazzeo
Laurie Mazzeo3 years ago

Thank you for sharing

Julie S.
Julia S3 years ago

First of all, people should be healthy inside and outside. We're all individual, let's be yourself

Jonathan S.
Jonathan S.4 years ago

I'm an obese woman and it is so hard to find clothing - let alone well fitting, fashionable clothing for work - in plus sizes, especially the larger plus sizes. For those who would tell me to suck it up, I make experimental cancer treatments at a prestigious university hospital. Do you think that the patients that receive that treatment care what I look like or how much I weigh? Do you think my contributions to society are marginalized simply because of my weight? Shouldn't I be able to buy clothing that fits me? That's all I'm asking, is for the ability to walk into a store and find well-fitting clothing that is acceptable for work. Why wouldn't a retailer want to make a profit from that?

Pamela W.
Pamela W4 years ago

'Great White' E ....... your comment is really quite unfair to this young lady. Part of the "problem" (your reference to her "belly") is the position she is in .... try sitting like that yourself and you'll see what I mean ! Another is quite possibly her age (or lack of it) !! Personally I would think she has LOST weight since her "teens" and that (which you refer to as flowing over) is not fat, at all, but loose skin where "puppy fat" used to be (or even, possibly, after a pregnancy)? I personally think she IS beautiful .... and there is definitely nothing to indicate she may be unhealthy ! They say "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" ..... she's not to your liking ? .... the feeling could be mutual, if ever you met !!

'Great White' Earth-Being

Again, she looks sexy, unless you look at the PIC where she is naked and her belly flows over. I hate these sort of waste of time Mags and Media, so I never "read" or seen the real thing. As a man, I would not have sex with her.

The real problem is we are making it okay to be un-healthy, too fat people can say whatever they want to excuse their way past self-responsibility, but it gives a bad life and faster to the grave. And as an Organic Eater, Bicyclist, Vegan and Atheist and Former HS PE & Health Class Facilitator and FootBall Ass. Coach, who knows, practices and educates about the facts about the human body that self-fulfilling prophecy and too much ego and weakness will never ever work on me. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE UN-HEALTHY IS UN-HEALTHY.

Antonella Del Bono
A Del Bono4 years ago

This is great. This is real. Tired of seeing anorexic models and air brushed women. This is a healthy image and we need to see more like this.

Qian Zheng Yi
Jabi Yeonnmin4 years ago


Marina Banchetti
Marina Banchetti4 years ago

The woman in the photograph is, indeed, a beautiful woman and, at least from the photographic angle, she does not look to be too overweight (though she does seem out of shape). However, objectively speaking, a fit and athletic body (which includes a trim belly) is more attractive than a flabby body, regardless of the numbers on the scale. We should not be nasty to people because of their size, and we should appreciate people for who they are and not simply for how they look. That being said, some people do look better than others and this is often associated with how healthy and fit they are. Although I completely support the idea of people feeling good about themselves, I think that in our desire to affirm many different types of beauty we may go too far and ignore the fact that being overweight is extremely unhealthy. The reason why the "average" woman today is a size 12-14 is because Americans in general are becoming more and more overweight. This is due to poor dietary habits (too much meat, fat, sugar, and bad carbohydrates) and a sedentary lifestyle (due to cars, sitting at the computer, watching television, etc.). Fast food companies, the meat industry, the processing of foods, the subsidizing of corn and wheat (instead of fruits and vegetables) are destroying the quality of the foods we consume. We drive everywhere, we sit at our computers all day, and most of us don't exercise enough. We should be fighting to reverse the factors that contribute to destroying

elizabeth longley

She's a stunning lady, but she's definitely not a plus size. It's good to see something other than anorexic stick insects posing for so-called 'glamour' shots, though - there's nothing very glamorous about the skeletal models who look as though they're in desperate need of a decent meal.