The Woman Who Dared to Show Us a Transvaginal Probe (VIDEO)

North Carolina senate candidate Deb Butler, running against incumbent Senator Thom Goolsby, has in a new ad dared to show voters exactly what Goolsby advocated when he helped pass new abortion restrictions–the transvaginal probe.

“He wouldn’t dare show you this, but this is Thom Goolsby’s contribution to women’s health,” Butler says in the ad. “A medically unnecessary and invasive procedure that is now required by state law. He promised us his first priority would be jobs, but instead he’s following us into the doctor’s office.”

Watch the full ad below:

The Republican controlled North Carolina Legislature passed a bill last year that requires abortion providers to expose women to an ultrasound and that women must then hear, in detail, a description of the images four hours prior to a termination. The law further requires doctors to provide women with the option of hearing the fetus’ heartbeat.

In doing so, North Carolina joined more than 20 other states in passing abortion restrictions dubbed “informed consent” laws, supposed to guard against the (largely imagined) danger of women being coerced into having a pregnancy terminated without knowing the full facts.

In reality, critics warn, these laws shame women and discourage them from acquiring medically safe terminations.

Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed the bill. In the veto, Perdue called the bill a ”dangerous intrusion into the confidential relationship that exists between women and their doctors.”

Republicans led an override of the veto, which was cheered on by Senator Goolsby who, in voting for the legislation, reportedly said, ”The governor was wrong to play politics with this legislation by pandering to the abortion on demand crowd,” said Senator Thom Goolsby (R-New Hanover). “The fact is the law will make abortions safer and rarer–two things everyone claims to support.”

“The Woman’s Right to Know Act ensures a fully-educated choice than with the current system, which allows women to be pressured into traumatic, split-second decisions,” Goolsby went on. “This is a victory for women, a victory for unborn children, and a victory for the state.”

However, portions of the law were blocked by U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles who said she saw no evidence to support the Legislature’s claims that the ultrasound mandate was about improving women’s health, saying the Legislature had not ”articulated how the speech-and-display requirements address the stated concern in reducing compelled abortions, and none is immediately apparent.”

Those opposed to the law also argue the law violates medical ethics by making doctors carry through the Legislature’s will to the detriment of their patients because of the distress the new ultrasound mandate may illicit.

Deb Butler’s ad does something that few have dared: it actually shows the public what a tranvaginal probe looks like. Certainly, that’s something Republican advocates have been quite shy about.

Butler’s ad, which has drawn national attention, also continues a trend of fierce acrimony between Butler and incumbent Thom Goolsby who Butler charges campaigned on a platform of jobs and then abandoned job creation for the more extreme Republican focus.

Goolsby has hit back that Butler is simply a “complainer” with no real solutions.

When it comes to transvaginal probes and the violation of women’s bodies, we can agree the complaint is justified.


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Justin Case
James Taylor5 years ago

Well then Claire he should be ostracized as well no matter what his party affiliation if this it true.
Do you have a link to information that you could share?

Claire Primrose
Claire Primrose5 years ago

Deb Butler won't tell you this, but it was Democratic Governor James Hunt who initiated the requirement for women to have ultrasounds prior to abortion-for the protection of the mother's health.

Lillian Martin
Lillian Martin5 years ago

Life is a precious gift.

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H5 years ago

Ladies, this info can change our world

Heather G.
Heather G5 years ago

Nikolas K, so it's wrong for a woman to impose her own will over her own body, but its OK for you to impose your will on her body??

Ajla C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

Way to go!

Evelyn M.
Evelyn M5 years ago

Paul B, one of your sentences is correct. Her body is her responsibility. I would add it is NOT the responsibility of ANYBODY ELSE. All the do-gooders on this site and those who don't post are NOT responsible for any woman's situation and have NO BUSINESS telling women what they should or should not do. Abortion is LEGAL and is nobody's business but the woman and her Doctor.

Isabel Araujo
Isabel Araujo5 years ago

Thank you for the information.

Nikolas Karman
Nikolas K5 years ago

Yes i must agree that the woman have rights that are being violated but with rights comes responsibilities and these same woman have to learn to respect the rights of the growing child in their wombs. To have these innocent children aborted is to impose the mothers will upon them and this is against the universal laws of nature. We like to get up in arms against animal cruelty but when it comes to cruelty against an unborn child the silence is deafening. No wonder our society is on the brink of total destruction and enslavement when we hold these principals near to our hearts. its time we all woke up and understood what imposing ones will upon another really means.