Think a Click Can Change the World?

Every girl deserves an education and the opportunity to better her life. When girls are educated, their communities are stronger. However, in many developing countries, everything from a lack of electricity to a lack of clean water disproportionately affects girls and women, and their access to education.

From Our Online Community to Theirs

The obstacles standing between girls around the world and good education can seem daunting. But there is hope to give these girls a brighter future, and our online communities can help. Sometimes all it takes is a simple click to start a movement for change.

Join My Village’s Back To School campaign supports CARE programs that send girls to school. And right now, for every person who clicks “like” on their Facebook page, $1 will go towards educating girls in Malawi.

Every day, we see the power that our online community has to change the world around us. The amazing thing about the Join My Village Back to School campaign is that by rallying our community, we can help connect women and girls in Malawi with the chance to better their communities via education and opportunity.

Giving Girls in Malawi a Brighter Future

Malawi teacher addresses her students

Girls in Malawi face steep odds if they wish to continue on to secondary education. There are very few secondary schools, making it hard for rural and poor girls to access good education. The cost of supplies and lodging for distant schools is out of reach for far too many girls. Often those who do pursue secondary education have to board with strangers in order to attend school, leaving them with little security and stability.

Women in Malawi, one of the world’s least developed and most densely populated countries, face some daunting statistics. Only 65% of women are literate compared to 80% of men. Only 20% of upper secondary school teachers are women.

Join My Village is working in Malawi to try to elevate girls and women through educational opportunity. Among the campaign’s efforts are scholarships to help girls attend school who otherwise would not have been able to afford to, and encouraging more female teachers who can be leaders and role models for young girls pursuing their education.

Want to take action to help girls in Malawi access education and opportunity? Just click “Like” and then spread the word to your community!


Katie and Bill D.
Katie & Bill D2 years ago

Thank You

Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez6 years ago

is very important to get good education

Anwesh R.
Anwesh R.6 years ago

Everyone deserves a better education !!! As mother is said to be the first teacher for a kid every girl is needed to get good education so that not only they can bought up their children in a good manner but also they can get better position in the society.

Lothar Seifert
Lothar Seifert6 years ago

No children, our world has no future.
Children without education - the world with bad future.

Kahn L.
Kahn L6 years ago

Recall them the sense of security,hope and faith for a brighter future through teaching.Girls,as well as boys,are the children of the universe.

Raymond J.
Raymond J.6 years ago

God Bless ALL of your village, My Brothers And Sisters!!

Bea C.
Beatriz C6 years ago

super! love the idea :)

Maria S.
Maria S6 years ago

Great idea. Unfortunately I can't support this cause as I'm not on facebook or any other network except Care2. Wish there were other options.

Thang M.
Thang M.6 years ago

The better education is everything will be better

oka s.
oka s6 years ago

Everyone deserves a better life. U go girl!!