This is What Happens to the Chickens Whose Eggs are Sold at Walmart

Another heartbreaking undercover investigation has again brought to light the conditions hens endure because of the demand for their eggs.

This investigation, which was just released by Mercy for Animals (MFA), delves into the dark side of the egg industry in Brazil for the first time, where an investigator unearthed horrifying treatment of hens.

The footage obtained shows thousands of hens crammed into cages un an unsanitary environment, where they’re denied even the basic ability to move around freely. Some became trapped in the wire, unable to free themselves, or reach food or water, while others were found dead and decomposing among living birds who were still laying eggs for human consumption.

“I was deeply disturbed and saddened to observe dead and dying birds left amongst live birds in cages, unable to right themselves as they were stuck between the confines of the wire cages and neglect towards these birds in the video provided to me,” said Dr. Armaiti May.

Sadly, these conditions are common for hens who are kept in battery cages, which are now considered one of the worst forms of cruelty in animal agriculture today.

“Battery cage confinement of laying hens is nothing short of torture. The most essential instincts of the birds are frustrated by the intense confinement. … The scientific evidence clearly shows that hens so confined suffer acute and chronic pain and distress,” added Dr. Lee Schrader, in response to the footage.

While there’s been a lot of progress toward ending the use of these cages with major retailers and restaurants pledging to phase them out and states banning them, there’s still a long way to go in the effort to end their use for good.

Still, as MFA and others continue to point out, even if their use is ended, cage-free, or free-range, egg production still doesn’t come without a cruel cost. Hens are still subjected to mutilating procedures and will still be killed at a fraction of their normal lifespan after their bodies are spent from over production, while chicks who are unfortunate enough to be born male are also still routinely killed because they have no value to producers.

The farm featured in the investigation provides eggs to a supplier for Walmart. MFA is calling on Walmart to stop supporting the use of battery cages, but is far more importantly calling on us to end this cruelty right now by leaving animals off of our plates.

Hopefully more awareness about the widespread cruelty to hens who are exploited for their meat and eggs will help inspire more people choose kinder alternatives.

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I don't buy groceries at Walmart.

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It’s sickening that we allow this cruelty. All factory farms and CAFO’s should be forced to shut down, and people should stop eating meat, eggs and dairy products.

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Treat all the animals ethically and humanely

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