This Kentucky Couple Gives Injured Animals a Place to Heal

Written by Joshua O’Connor and Alison Kotch

Bill and Beth Ott run Western Kentucky Wildlife Rescue as the state’s only licensed animal rescue organization. To them, saving animals is second nature.

As the only wildlife rehabbers in Kentucky, Bill and Beth Ott have helped countless injured and orphaned animals over the past 21 years. The animals, which include common backyard foragers like raccoons, deer and coyotes as well as the more exotic (foxes and armadillos!), are all given equal and loving care by the Otts.

When a tree is chopped down and a baby bird tumbles from its nest, or a deer is struck by a car, or a fox gets its paw hurt in a bear trap, the Otts take in the injured animal and help it to heal, before releasing it back into the wild.

While the instinct to help animals comes naturally to the Otts, caring for them can be difficult and expensive, so they hold fundraisers to raise money for housing, vaccines, medicine and food. Despite help from the local community, they still pay for much of it themselves: In 2018 alone, they spent $20,000 of their own money taking care of wild animals.

To learn more about Western Kentucky Wildlife Rescue and how you can help, watch the video above.

This post originally appeared on NationSwell.

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Photo Credit: Arthur Rachbauer/Unsplash


Hui S
Hui S7 hours ago

what a beautiful and touching story. it takes a special kind of dedication and long-term vision to do what these two do every day for wildlife. kudos to this selfless couple.

Olivia H
Olivia Hyesterday


Lara A
Lara A5 days ago

Thank you

Leo C
Leo Custer5 days ago

Thank you for sharing!

Sharon R
Sharonsick R6 days ago

Thank you for caring and sharing.

ANA MARIJA R6 days ago

well said Ruth G
💕Blessings and thank You to Bill and Beth Ott !! Faith in the human race restored for today. Thank you.

Leo C
Leo Custer6 days ago

Thank you for sharing.

Mia B
Mia B6 days ago


Diane E
Diane E7 days ago

Amazing. They are wonderful. Stop the trapping which kills and injures animals. Stop all trapping now.Wish more amazing life savers could help animals.

David C
David C7 days ago