This New Animal Rights Suspense Trilogy Is Totally Addictive

Animal abuse is very much real and its stories are often told in documentaries, long journalism pieces or specialized books. One author, however, decided to put a fictional spin on it. The Kinship Series by Robin Lamont is a collection of three suspense novels focused on animal protection issues — and with hidden secrets, nefarious organizations, deceitful dealings and astonishing cruelty to be exposed, there’s more than enough drama to be borrowed from reality and put onto the pages of the thrillers.

The books follow Jude Brannock, a tenacious undercover investigator working for The Kinship, a nonprofit group fighting against animal cruelty. In the first of the books, “The Chain,” Brannock is summoned by a whistleblower to a small town where a pork slaughterhouse plant is located. When she arrives, however, she finds her informant has mysteriously committed suicide. Determined to find out exactly what happened, in the process she gets closer to a family that depends on the meat packing plant for survival, showing a different side of the system of animal cruelty animal advocates don’t usually consider.

What will sound familiar to them, however, are the images of cruelty happening behind closed doors at the plant, something Lamont wanted to show readers in context.

“Not many people will pick up a book on factory farming or wildlife trapping,” Lamont tells Care2. “But they might pick up a suspense novel and I wanted to give the reader an idea of what it was like to be on the shoes of people fighting for animals and go along with it.”

Lamont is no stranger to the world of animal protection or undercover investigation. She’s a vegan who has a rescued Golden Retriever she calls the love of her life, and before she started writing, she worked undercover in New York City.

“I started out as an actress in New York City doing movies and soap operas and a friend told me of a private investigator that wanted to hire actors to go undercover,” she explains of how she came to work for a company that looked for counterfeited brand name watches and purses on the streets. “Our job was to go out on the streets, find these products and give them kind of a back story to work our way up the chain.”

While admittedly, she says her work wasn’t as dangerous as the one of her lead character in her novels, she believes her experience gave her a valuable insight into the undercover world. The years she worked as a prosecutor in Westchester, N.Y., after that were also useful once she decided to write suspense novels since she’d written more legal briefs than she could remember. It was her love of animals, however, that sparked the career change.

“I thought, ‘my god, there are so many books about cops, investigators and sleuths that are out there fighting for people’ and I just thought it was about time someone stepped up to fight for animals,” she says. “This is what I love doing and I feel like I can have some impact.”

Lamont’s words could easily be uttered by her main character who is always relentless when getting another door slammed in her face while fighting for animals. In the second book, “The Trap,” she gets to see how it’s not only private corporations that are involved in systematic abuse and has to tackle wildlife services and its so-called conservation efforts.

“As a dog lover, the idea of what was happening to wolves and coyotes was very disturbing to me,” Lamont explains of how she settled on the subject of the sequel after learning more about how predators were being targeted by a government agency. “As I read about it, I said ‘this is unbelievable. It reads like a suspense novel.’”

Lamont is currently working on the third installment of the series, which will be available in 2017 and will focus on animal experimentation. Just as the other two books, however, there will be a strong emphasis on how humans are impacted by animal abuse — including some challenges for Brannock.

“She has to deal with some internal issues and taking care of herself, which is a problem a lot of animal activists deal with,” she adds. “She needs to learn how to find herself.”

Despite the heavy topics, the books are surprisingly easy and quick reads — which is exactly the point, says Lamont.

“Everyone likes animals and does not want to see them hurt. So I want people to step into Jude’s shoes and see what it’s like to do something about it. The story is what’s going to bring people in.”

You can buy The Kinship Series on Amazon.

Photo Credit: Grayling Press


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