This Valentine’s Day Adopt Your New Best Friend!

An estimated 7 million animals enter our shelter system every year many, simply through the irresponsibility of careless owners. This Valentine’s Day, if you’re thinking of adopting an animal for yourself or your sweetie, here are some tips:

  • Send an eCard! Support animal welfare and thrill your love with a super cute and free animal rights eCard. For every eCard sent, Care2 makes a donation to an environmental non-profit to save a square foot of rainforest.
  • Meet Your Match. More than 250 shelters across the U.S. use a “Meet your Match” program. The potential owners are required to fill out lengthy questionares stating desires and behaviors. In this way, the more knowledgable handlers at the shelters can point the owners in the direction of a breed or animal that would suit their lifestlye well. Occasionally, owners are introduced to breeds that they never would have considered, helping “less-popular” pets find loving homes.
  •  Rely on the shelter workers for advice and knowledge. Many pet stores view each pet as a potential sale, while the shelter workers, often volunteers, are invested in every animal they help and want to find the placement that will work best for all parties.
  • Do your research! Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t adopt. “Several large breed dogs, older dogs and cats are well-suited to apartment life,” says Shannon Boyer of the Arizona Animal Welfare League. “These animals are pretty sedentary and are very happy and healthy with just a couple short walks each day.”
  • Introduce your current pets. Many shelters will allow you to bring your current pets into the environment to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the new addition. If your adoptee is shy, many shelters have programs that will help with training and socializing. 

Remember, you are now responsible for a life so this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Consider the pros and cons. Are you ready for the potential aggravation but wonderful rewards that come with owning a pet?


Fiona T.
Past Member 4 years ago

You can't find a better lover than our furry friends

Beba Hojt
beba h9 years ago

I think the SPCA and HUMANE SOCIETY and rescues should do mobile adoptions in pet stores and shopping malls for Valentines Day to maximize their visibility for this great opportunity when people are concentrating on Love and Caring!!Pets are the symbol of love and devotion and should be given this chance to be in front of the public eye which would greatly impact adoptions everywhere!!--I would like to see memo's sent out to all branches of shelters making in mandatory to have at least 3 mobile adoptions dates in their local vicinities--making it mandatory to use this as a resource for Valentines Day and future dates for caring for homeless animals !!!

Melissa Costello
Melissa Costello9 years ago

I worked an adoption event this Valentines weekend. It was awesome to see how many were adopted. Our animals live with humans in their homes, who train and socialize them. Foster homes are much more natural, and produce fantasic pets.

Kimberly J.
Kimberly J9 years ago

I think that the Necessity of training is extremely important to include when someone adopts a pet. All of these animals carry some sort of baggage of some sort with them.They did not end up at a shelter because they were well behaved, loved and cared for. Because of this there may be certain behavior issues that need to be addressed, not to mention the incredible bond that forms when proper, postive training is used. I think anyone considering the idea of bringing a companion into their life should have the responsiblility or even the desire to want to offer all the benefits of training to their new friend. This not only applies to shelters but to those that have titled themselves as "responsible" breeders as well.
Perhaps the focus would be more on shelter animals because of any emotional or physical abuse they may have experienced previously, but even a "new to the human world" puppy is entitled to be given the oppurtunity to learn how to communicate with his person through proper training.