This Woman Is Not Too Hot to Work at Your Child’s Elementary School

Kaitlin Pearson, a 23-year-old teacher’s aide who worked with special education students and who was also a model, was placed on paid administrative leave on January 17 after some of her modeling photos surfaced.

But there’s great news! She has her job back.

In a press release on January 28, Superintendent of Schools Andre Ravenelle announced Pearson’s reinstatement:

“After reviewing all relevant information, Ms. Kaitlin Pearson was notified Monday afternoon that she could return to work, effective immediately,” the release states. “She resumed her original duties at South Street Elementary School on Tuesday morning. We are confident that she will bring the same level of commitment to her job and her students that she always has.”

Really? That’s not what he was saying a few days ago. Could it be that media pressure has forced him to change his mind?

Kaitlin Pearson’s suspension from the South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Mass., posed a really interesting question: Can a teacher’s aide have a second job as a model?

Well, did it matter that President Clinton was a proven womanizer and cheated on his wife? Did that mean that he was not fit to be president?

The whole incident started on January 17 when an anonymous package was delivered to Superintendent Andre Ravenelle at his office at Fitchburg Public Schools in Worcester County; the package contained photos of Pearson. Some of the photos are described in modeling as “elegant implied nudes,” meaning she was covering her nipples and genitals with her hands or legs and posing alongside other nude women.

Others show her wearing T-shirts, bikinis or lingerie. You know, the clothes that models wear.

Pearson posted dozens of partially nude photos of herself on her public Facebook page and in modeling publications, including ModelsMania which named her model of the year. The young woman was thrilled and considered this a sign of success.

“To think that one year ago I was a girl picked up by a small modeling group (thing) branched out and spread my wings and was given the highest honor a model could ask for,” Pearson posted on Facebook. “Many thanks again and I am wear this name proudly.”

Superintendent Ravenelle didn’t share Pearson’s excitement.

“The paraprofessional was immediately placed on a paid leave of absence to assure student safety during the investigation and to mitigate potential disruption,” the superintendent said in the statement. Ravenelle said the school checks only a prospective employee’s criminal history, so the modeling shots would not turn up in a pre-hiring screening.

Teacher’s aides are not well paid, and yet they open up their hearts to their students. Pearson could not possibly make enough money as a teacher’s aide to support herself, and so she needed to have another job, simply in order to survive.

I have known plenty of teachers and teacher’s aides in this situation. The education profession is simply not the most lucrative, and many educators are forced to seek extra work.

Why on earth should being a good model preclude Pearson’s ability to be a good teacher? Her modeling career was not a part of her teaching career but a total and separate entity. As Superintendent Ravenelle stated, Ms. Pearson underwent and passed a full criminal background check.

Whoever sent that package to Ravenelle obviously has a grudge against Pearson, but do they really believe that this young teacher’s aide is corrupting her young charges? Is that the issue?

Her second-job situation poses no threat to the student body, and her father agrees.

“That’s her private life. She’s 23,” Chuck Pearson said. “She’s a grown-up woman.”

Parents who learned of the situation are split on how they feel about the situation. Most believe that, as long as Pearson is exhibiting professionalism, putting the well-being and education of her special needs kids first, what she does on her own time out of school should not reflect on her abilities as a teacher’s aide.

Of course it shouldn’t.

And now, for whatever reason, Superintendent Ravenelle has seen the light, and decided to reinstate Pearson.

Hooray! Those students are lucky to have Pearson in the classroom again, and I’m sure she is delighted to be back there, doing what she loves.

Photo Credit: Kaitlin Pearson - Model via Facebook


Nicole R.
Nicole Rieder3 years ago

Your job should not have to depend on your looks unless that's what your job is about

Jennifer R.
Jennifer R3 years ago

What difference does it make that she's also a model? I think it is how well she does her job that matters.

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K3 years ago

All these comments based on if she is hot or not is ridiculous as the photo depicted is not evidence it is her unless you all jumped onto facebook and now have the need to judge. What you see in others is a reflection of yourselves.

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K3 years ago

This is another example of how people are controlled by their ego which relies on them having the need to control, judge and be approved of others. When they wake up and separate themselves from these needs they will obtain eternal bliss. Did anyone bother to ask the children what they thought of their talented teachers aid? i bet not.
What will it take for people to stop destroying the lives of others by their need to judge this girl and control her life by having her removed from her job and then they seek the approval of the children's mothers who are also caught up in their ego's. its a never ending saga as we see here in every post by the majority on this forum that's supposedly all about caring.

Borg Drone
Past Member 3 years ago


Jane C.
Jane C3 years ago

If she is capable at her job, and dresses appropriately at work, what's the big deal?

Eric Hurner
Eric Hurner3 years ago

This is just the sort of thing that made me want to leave the teaching profession some years ago. Every time some question of sexual mores arises, school principles and staff begin to run around in square circles wondering what parents are going to say, and how the reputation of their little school is going to suffer.

Education is one of the few political areas where people feel they have a say in public affairs - and don't they just make use of it! It is teachers that interact with the children and it should be up to TEACHERS who they wish to work with and who not. But every time anything happens the educational hierarchy gets going and makes teacher's lives a misery.

The success of democracy depends largely on education, but the educational hierarchy has shown repeatedly that education is not it's focus. It is status, "reputation," sponsorship, promotion and every other sort of financial and moral pressure. Until that changes, we are never going to have an education of free human beings.

Tia T.
Tia T3 years ago

hours despite begging for more and picking up the shifts of her co-workers who do not want to work.

I would be willng to bet my last dollar that the anonymous sender of the package was a woman who wanted to make sure her husband would not be able to come in contact or have any interaction with this young woman.

Tia T.
Tia T3 years ago

I have to agree with Ryan B. She is definitely not "too hot". Not to be nasty, but it must be the body because since when is an overbite considered "hot"? Unfortunately, discrimination comes to many different people for many different reasons. When I was younger, I too modeled. When I became pregnant with my first child, I stopped modeling and enrolled in college to focus on a more stable career to be able to support my child and not have to travel. Even though I graduated on the Dean's List, I could never seem to get past the first interview if a woman was in charge of hiring, even though many times I was over qualified for the position. The only job offers I received were from men. I'm sure other single attractive women can relate to this as they have had the same experiences. The discrimination continued at my daughter's small private school with some of the other mothers - several of whom were attractive but married and had the luxery of being stay at home moms. I think the fact that I was single led them to think I may have been out to "steal" their men. Therefore, my child was excluded from several birthday parties even though our children were friends. My daughter, who is an honor roll student and now working her way through college is experiencing the same discrimination even though the jobs she is applying for are for waitressing. She gets hired by male managers but not female. Then, after she gets hired, if it is a female who makes the schedule, she gets very few h

Ant m.
Ant m3 years ago

Thanks ...