Tilly’s Pulls Offensive T-Shirt: A Care2 Member Success

When students at California State University-Long Beach (CSULB) came across a t-shirt that depicted a woman with tape over her mouth and a caption that read, “enjoy the silence” at a local Tilly’s shop, they knew they had to do something.

Working with CSULB professor Shira Tarrant, the students created a petition on the Care2 site that “[expressed] their objection to the sale of shirts that degrade and dehumanize women and people of color, and… [imply] violence against women”.

After getting the word out on Facebook and the Ms. Magazine blog, the petition authors garnered over 500 signatures.

Their efforts paid off! On April 5, the Ms. Magazine blog followed up with a statement from a Tilly’s corporate representative: “we have received feedback from customers, and have taken action to have this shirt removed from all our locations as well as our website.”

Congratulations to the students at CSULB for their success in removing these offensive t-shirts.

If you’d like to create a petition for an issue you’re passionate about, you can do so here.

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Thomas B.
Thomas B.6 years ago

nothing like taking away people's freedoms because your not happy. A to the fascists maybe next we can take down people's freedoms to choose or insurance...u know a naked Gecko is pretty provocative

Glenda L.
Glenda L6 years ago

Removing it was a good idea, but really, who was the moron that decided to buy it for the store in the first place?

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

It's disturbing when a retailer doesn't realize by themselves that the items they are selling are promoting derogative opinion about a group in society. Wonder if they would sell a t-shirt with an African American face and a nose around the head with the same slogan? I think not, but on the other hand, the last idiot isn't born yet! I say, boycott this and other stores with the same sort of policy.

DobieMax Wojcik
DobieMax WoBib6 years ago


Ava A.
Ava A6 years ago

Congrats and thank you for sharing

Kath R.
Kath P6 years ago

Interesting to see how fast change takes place when your targeted audience asks you to stop doing something.

Janine F.
Janine F6 years ago

thanks for the article

Rachel R.
RK R6 years ago

I will say this: IF it WAS a picture of a man with his mouth taped shut and it still said ENJOY THE SILENCE, it would be laughed off and purchased by many women. Foul tee-shirt choices and cartoons and suggestions are everywhere. Let's work on human rights for everyone. Stop being distracted by these blatant distractions. The tee-shirt caught your attention and by giving them more publicity is giving them what they wanted.

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

Thanks to all those involved in 'creating a problem' with this T shirt..your actions paid off and highlighted the awful situations women find themselves in - bad relationshis, violence, and non-respect. In the UK alone one woman is killed every week by a partner or close friend...and one third of rapes is reported by a child....when will 'men' find their true natures and resist the call of the so-named 'macho culture' which they are 'supposed' to have in this capitalistic world..take a look at other, caring, ancient cultures, which recognised the importance of women in their societies, and respected the rights of children too. Each of us is important, unique, worthy..how come 'men' haven't 'seen through' the roles they have been supplied with by the 'Bloomberg Bubble' believers...and regained their true, caring, protective, burturing natures...at least some young men are beginning to realise.....all power to you..help us, women and children, at the mercy of 'men' who - as yet - havent....Thanks again, loves and blessings

Ashley N.
Ashley N6 years ago

Thanks for sharing, I am glad that they pulled the shirts.