TIME Person of the Year: Guess Who?

TIME has named the 2011 Person of the Year and it’s no surprise: The Protester.  Highly inclusive, it covers Occupy Wall Street, the 99 Percent, Tahrir Square and the rest of the Arab Spring and actions in Europe and across the globe.

Four runners up:
William McRaven (Head of Joint Special Operations Command and commander of the SEAL Osama operation)
Ai Weiwei (the Chinese artist-dissident)
Paul Ryan (the House Budget Committee Chair)
Kate Middleton (you know who she is)

Would this have been your choice?

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Photo courtesy of Time Inc.


Joy Leftow
Joy Leftow7 years ago

I am so glad the movement is getting some supporters from the mainstream. It is so hard out there for 99%. Can you imagine a person trying to survive on 800 a month here in NYC? I see it all the time.

Velmapearl Hawkins
Velma Hawkins7 years ago

I hope it's a true freedom fighter who is actively trying to get our country back on track and save the animals who are abused, slaughtered inhumanely, etc.

Silvia M.
Silvia M7 years ago

Kate Middleton? o_O

Christina B.
Christina B7 years ago

Why ON EARTH would Kate Middleton be "Person of the Year?" Because she got married???????

And don't get me started on the McRaven choice.

Robyn B.
Robyn Brice7 years ago

2011 was the year of people power. From the Arab Spring to OWS to the protests in Europe. People are banding together to fight injustice. I hope it continues until the wrongs that all have suffered are put right. But one question. Why Kate Middleton? . Wael Ghonim who moderated "We are all Khaled Said" should have been mentioned. Not a woman who just happened to marry a prince.

suheyla c.
Süheyla C7 years ago

Thanks interesting

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Ya....the 99% :)

We are winning.

Francisco Pires
Francisco Pires7 years ago

Possibly a noble prize or an honour of the first hero (but not martyr) who began the Arab Spring in the name of Human Rights.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance7 years ago

It does seem 2011 is the year of the Human Spring!

In the Middle East we have people protesting and dying for reforms in government, over throwing oppressive regimes in favour of great freedoms. The Arab Spring.

In North America, there is the OWS movement working for changes in government and laws, in wealth distribution and income inequality, taking back democracy from the non persons, corporate America.

In Europe, similar protests. And now in China.

It seems that there is a commonality in all this --- greed and inequality. In China, it is not the villagers that will reap the benefits of a land sale but the next level of government and its officials who undoubtedly are getting substantial bribes or kickbacks. And those officials don't want the news of bribes getting back to Bjeing as often the official bribed receives a short trial and the death penalty, or at the very least life in prison.

Any wonder then that Time magazine's person of the year is the protester.

Wileen C.
W. C7 years ago