Banning Animal Abusers from Professional Sports

When NFL player Michael Vick leaves prison, we have an opportunity to make an important choice as a society. We can keep a favorite player because we like to watch him play, or we can reject criminal behavior and kick Vick, and other felons, out of the limelight for good.

Seems straightforward to me. And perhaps some of these world class athletes will shape up more than their abs.

It seems I’m not alone. This wildly popular petition urges signers to demand that the NFL ban Michael Vick – permanently.

Vick admitted to the fighting, torture, and murder of many pitbulls on his land in Virginia.  Yet, Vick was only sentenced to 23 months in prison. Worse, once he’s free, nothing will stop him from returning to the NFL, where fans will shriek his name in support and cheer for his team.

It’s rather disgusting; someone publicly convicted of a heinous crime taking no more than a siesta from his career – a career that depends on fans who love and support him. As a society, it’s awfully hard to expect some people to tow that legal line when others get away with murder – literally.

Not only should we ban Michael Vick from professional sports, but any professional athlete who has committed a felony.

If fact, Jeff Benedict, author of “Pros and Cons”, claims that 21 percent of NFL players get in trouble with the law. And millions of kids idolize them, maybe even in part BECAUSE of their irreverence for the laws that hold our society together.

If we want a society that follows the rules and cares for one another, sports fans and athletic institutions must put an end to it now by banning any athlete with a serious criminal record.


Alan P.
Alan P9 years ago

He's done his time. Leave him alone.

Mary Strobridge
Past Member 9 years ago

What! Let him back into the NFL and get rich again after what he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get real man,he didn't do enough time in my book while those countless numbers of animals are in the ground because of him!!!What would anyone say if it were a child!Bad dude!boooooooooo to him he's history in my eyes.People looked up to him while behind closed doors he was doing bad......... things to those dogs.

Rachel Storey
Rachel Storey9 years ago

Since the court found him guilty, who are we to condemn the man again. He has done the time set out by the court and sure it may not be fair, but he was convicted by the courts and will always be a felon and so if he attempts to engage in this behavior again, he will do harder times. The commissioner of the NFL will have his hands full with what may happen to his career,but he should look at all the other men that break the law and make some kind of punishment for those also, since these men hold our kids' hopes and dreams and need to be accountable.

Charmaine Gonzalez
Marie Gonzalez9 years ago

As a cat lover I absolutely agree with Connie T. Oh, and Laura K., please don't use all caps. That's irritating.

Laura K.
Laura K.9 years ago


suzanne o.
suzanne o9 years ago

prefer a new system , because police & courts are an evil, corrup , time-wasting, syndicate , set-up that always ends in death & worse violence - they are all rough men who drink & believe in rape as an institution ; animal welfare is also sometimes off the mark .
just abolish all cruelty , & monitoring by better animal-lovers & saints, that at the thought of abuse , the abuser is sent to their own hell immediately , by the angels .
but -it could be just abolished - that is a more honest statement outright.
punishment should = hell , whether in or out of prison , it does not matter. there is supposed to be an ethic that is felt & can be applied - there is supposed to exist a real proper tone & actual transmission , whereby cruelty immediately falls back on the one contemplating this - it is supposed to exist in our air .
if it is not active - this means the actual police & animal groups are guilty in some way themselves .

connie t.
connie t9 years ago

Treat animal abuse with the seriousness it deserves! Even if these athletes aren't personally involved, they know about what is happening and let it continue. The penalty should be the same as for the person directly involved. It's called doing what is right. If they survive having done to them what they let be done to an animal, then let them continue to play.

Lucy Herring
Lucy Herring9 years ago


javier v.
javier v9 years ago

todo lo que sea abuus de aniamles debe ser castigado no importa ai la persona que lo hace sea muy entre parentesis importante nadie debe q uedar impuje y sobre tod osi es conocido mas gente sabra que puede hacerlo mas hay que cumplir mas dara ejempli yt mensaje insitamos

Margie Forbes
Margie Forbes9 years ago

If Vick gets to play in the NFL again, there should be hundreds of protesters at the games passing out leaflets about his crimes. I have written to NFL a number of times. Now it seems all NFL is doing is showing other athletes against animal abuse. How do we get Vick out of NFL??