Today I’ll Thank The Courts That Birth Control Is Legal

Exactly 46 years ago today, in a ruling called Griswold vs. Connecticut, the Supreme Court decided that women had a right to decide that she would like to have sex without possibly having a baby every time she did it.

Most of us, both men and women, married or not, are very happy with that court decision, preferring not to have a child year in and year out.

Some, sadly, are still fighting the battle to go back to the “good old days” where every act of sexual intercourse would likely produce offspring.  Anything less, they claim, is the “culture of death.”

The plaintiff was Estelle Griswold, then executive director of the Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut. She and Dr. C. Lee Buxton opened a birth control clinic. They were arrested and fined for selling birth control pills, which was illegal in Connecticut. The case was pushed all the way to the Supreme Court. Griswold v. Connecticut was cited as legal precedent in subsequent cases that allowed birth control for unmarried women and teenagers.

The Griswold ruling paved the way for abortion on demand in America by defining the “right to privacy” upon which the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision was based. The deadly connection between contraception and abortion is all too real. We know hormonal birth control has an abortion-causing effect, and we know the contraceptive mentality perpetuates abortion as back-up contraception.

The pill “kills,” claim anti-choice advocates, who want to stop abortions only in the realm of making them illegal, and have no interest in preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place.  They claim it kills women, citing side effects that happen with potentially any medication from asthma drugs to erectile enablers.  They claim it kills babies, defining pregnancy at the moment of conception rather than implantation in order to push their agenda, and ignoring the physician statements that the pill inhibits ovulation and fertilization only, rather than prevents implantation anyway. 

But most of all, they claim it kills marriages.  Because a wife on the pill is a wife who could potentially be cheating on her husband without him knowing, since there would be no pregnancy to prove her infidelity.

The pill causes infidelity, affecting the woman’s hormones to make her lust for men that aren’t her spouse.  It’s in the prescription. 

  1. A recent study shows that the hormones contained in the pill may cause a woman to choose a mate with whom she is incompatible. A study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B in August of 2008, suggests that women on the pill undergo a shift in preference toward men who share similar MHC genes, while women who are not under the influence of hormonal birth control choose men with dissimilar genes, thus setting them up for relationship catastrophes when they stop taking the pill. Immune genes may have a “powerful effect in terms of how well relationships are cemented,” says University of Liverpool psychologist Craig Roberts, who co-authored a research paper that arrived at the same conclusion.1,3
  2. Similarly, women who begin taking the pill after they are married may find that they become disinterested in the spouse they have chosen, preferring a man, instead, with similar MGC genes.1,3

How many people, babies and marriages have been murdered by the pill in the last 46 years?  Well, it must have been a lot.  According to the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Agency, 98 percent of women have used birth control at some point in their lives, and 93 percent of voters believe all couples should have access to birth control.

That’s a whole lot of “killing.”  No wonder they’re calling it a “culture of death.”


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judith sanders
judith sanders3 years ago

Birth control pills saved my life. Like so many women approaching menopause, I started having irregular and very heavy periods. I became anemic, weak, and dizzy. BC pills straightened that out quickly.

Employers, do you want a woman in your business who has to drop everything and run to the bathroom on a second's notice? A woman who can't focus due to exhaustion? Do you really want to have to listen to the details of a woman employee's gynecological symptoms? Remember, if you get it wrong and deny her request for medical treatment that involves BC pills, and she is injured because of denial of care, she can sue you.

Holly Lawrence
Holly L6 years ago


Holly Lawrence
Holly L6 years ago


Faith Purdy
Faith Purdy6 years ago

people who think abotion and the pill should be illegal obviously haven't exmined every side to the story

Alison V.
Alison Venugoban6 years ago

"But most of all, they claim it kills marriages. Because a wife on the pill is a wife who could potentially be cheating on her husband without him knowing, since there would be no pregnancy to prove her infidelity."

The above statement is amazingly silly: if a woman can't be "proved" of infidelity, then maybe she hasn't been unfaithful, so there's no need for the marriage to be dissolved. But if she's on the pill, she won't be suspected anyway.

And how are they going to prove that any baby isn't her husband's? By DNA test, of course. Using one technology against the other. How very hypocritical!

Ana G.
.6 years ago

Woman have to work together. We need to make better choices. We need to rule the home the way our grandmothers did. They used their femininity to work their husbands.

So, let them think they are in charge. But not for one minute, give in to them when it is not in your best interest.

Learn from your grandmother.

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

So by their thinking it is okay for a married woman to engage in sex with someone other than her husband and if a child results that is obviously not her husbands then he can beat the crap out of her or kill her and it is okay?

The pill makes a woman lust for someone other than her husband. And they don't think that men cheat on their wives???

The pill kills, is bogus. What about all the wars? Why are these same ignorant masses not out protesting the death of actually once living people over the possibility of a maybe future human being on this already over-populated planet?

They are mental cases and need to be rounded up as potential terrorists, as some of them have so publicly and proudly bragged about.

Jean Mccarthy
Jean Mccarthy6 years ago

Oh my! Here we go again....Does anyone recall that the so-called birth control pill was not developed as a birth control pill? Well, it wasn't. It was developed and tested many years for women who had very problematic menstral cycles - irregularities, and severe bleeding, and other disorders. I, for one, had irregular periods, an ectopic pregnancy, and when I would randomly ovulate, the ovum became encased in liquid and consequently very large ovarian cysts. The first (the size of a very large orange and very painful which I discovered myself) was removed but due to my abusive and alcoholic husband at that time, developed a 2nd 5 wks. after the all-clear check up. Thankfully, the pill after consultations, reduced the cyst and therefore kept me from multiple operations and then unwanted pregnancy. The pill did not "kill"; it told the pituitary gland to not send out an ovum and kept them in abeyance. You are born with the number of ovum that you will release in your lifetime; you don't develop them. They saved untold hardships for me, restored my cycles and kept me sane. It would have been difficult to raise a child on my own and working. Thanks to Ortho Novum the choice was mine. My body needed HRT thereafter, and forever and I did get release from that first marriage thankfully.

Christian R.
Christian R6 years ago

As a male who is compassionate, I am very thankful to those that fought the small minded control freaks for the right to control their own bodies and their right to have or *not* have children.
Those who wish to politicize the right to control your own body need to read that Constitution that they say that they love, and violate so often.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

REpugs want to tell you what to do, think, who to marry, can't have birth control, etc., etc. To hell with them!