TOMS Adds Sunglassses to Products

After weeks of anticipation, TOMS Shoes has finally unveiled their new One for One product: sunglasses! 

In case you don’t know about TOMS or their One for One program, the idea is this. For every one purchase you make, they will also donate to a person in need. They started with shoes in a small town in Argentina and have now given more than a million pairs of shoes away. They sell flat shoes, wedge shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes and kid’s shoes. 

Why shoes? According to their website, three simple reasons: disease, injury and education. In many developing countries, diseases come from the dirt and earth. Bacteria can transfer through the skin on bare feet. This leads to the second point, which is injury. For most of us, if we get a cut on our foot, we can clean it, put on a bandage and some shoes and it heals quickly. For children without shoes, a cut can lead to further infection which shoes can help prevent. Lastly, most of the time shoes are a required part of the school uniform and without them, these kids can get any type of education.

They also started “A Day Without Shoes.” This day is dedicated to walking a mile in someone else’s bare feet, to get a small taste of what children and adults around the world live with every day.

Today, however, TOMS became more than just a shoe company. According to founder Blake Mycoskie, they are now a One for One company.

In the video below, the decision to move into eyewear is laid out. With the recent decision by the UN to make the internet a basic human right, wouldn’t it only seem logical that sight would also be a fundamental right? Thanks to TOMS, hopefully, millions of people can be given the gift of sight.

So why glasses? Because more that 250 million people in the world are unnecessarily blind. With just the help of eyeglasses, this problem could be cured. There is an immediate impact. Also, because a large majority of those affected by curable blindness are women. 

For every pair of new TOMS sunglasses that are purchased, one pair of eyeglasses or one sight-saving surgery will be given to someone who needs them in Nepal.  

You can shop TOMS shoes here and eyewear here.

photo by  fotosfera via Flickr


Judith Emerson
Judith Emerson6 years ago

Thank you for helping, Toms! :D

Abbe A.
Azaima A6 years ago

This is a great cause. I have an eye surgeon friend who regularly flies to Peru to give free eye surgery to anyone who requires it. There are many creative ways to help people and not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in our health care system.

Ruth R.
Ruth R6 years ago

Interesting, wonderful.

Cate S.
Cate S6 years ago

Brilliant. Yay - TOMS. & what cool shoes & sunglasses.

Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

Very cool, Tom's! Wonderful to find a company that doesn't just focus on the bottom line.

Richard R.
Richard R.6 years ago

there is already a company that is doing great work in this space ( Go check them out. Great quality - same mission.

And even more of a inspirational story, as he is trying to do this all of himself - and will not have TOM's marketing / brand behind him

Debra R.
Debra R6 years ago

way to give back!

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams6 years ago


Sue Matheson
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May Howie
may Howie6 years ago