Top 10 Reactions to Jesus’ Wife

Jesus had a wife.

That is what is written in Coptic on a tiny (1.5 x 3 inch) papyrus fragment dating from the fourth century, according to Harvard University professor Karen King, an expert on the history of Christianity. These few words — part of a dialogue between Jesus and his disciples — had the potential to upend beliefs about marriage and family subscribed to for centuries.

Specifically, the fragment says “Jesus said to them, my wife” and “she can be my disciple.” King emphasized that the fragment does not prove that Jesus was married but “tells us that the whole question only came up as part of vociferous debates about sexuality and marriage.” She speaks about the papyrus in this video:

King presented her translation at a six-day conference of Coptic experts in Rome. The findings of her paper (one of some 60 presented) were not reported on Vatican media.

Other scholars have attested that, based on the fragment’s language, handwriting and a chemical analysis of the ink, it appears to indeed be authentic and not a forgery. King says she hopes that other scholars will examine the papyrus.

Other experts in early Christianity have been urging caution, noting that it is unclear where the fragment is from and contending that its mention of Jesus’ wife is not meant to be taken literally. Gnostic texts of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th centuries use “the language of intimacy to talk about spiritual relationships,” says Bible scholar Ben Witherington III, a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.

While the experts engage in scholarly dispute, enjoy ten responses to the newly discovered “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.”

@WritesRights: “WWJD? Whatever #jesuswife tells him to…”

@Laurab4: “Look. I don’t care who your Dad is; You still have to take out the trash. #jesuswife”

@jeffjarvis: “You think your mother is so special.” #jesuswife”

@amendlocke: “You quit your job, then you tell me to consider the lilies? #JesusWife”

@patrickfinley: @scottfontaine “I can’t take you anywhere! Even at the temple, you topple over tables.” #Jesuswife”

@LanceMannion: “No, you never told me the one about the Good Samaritan. How does it go?” #JesusWife back when they were dating.”

@hannesario: “YOU were the one who told me I shall love my neighbor.” #JesusWife”

@RobertJKennedy: “I don’t care if it’s the Last Supper. I’m not doing those dishes. #jesuswife”

@glennwsmith: If Jesus had a wife, and they didn’t have kids, did his org’s insurance cover birth control? #jesuswife”

@hannesario: “I feel like you’re trying to hide me from the historians.” #JesusWife”

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Ralph Hull
Ralph Hull5 years ago

We always thought he was gay. I wonder if they saved any of his sperm in the ancient sperm bank and now it's being impregnated in black women and giving birth to players in the NBA?

Tammy S.
Tsmmy S5 years ago

Hmm I rather prefer the human version of Jesus = Love is sacrifice - as is marriage.

Stanley Rampersad
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

jESUS wife Miriam was a consort of the Master, not a fallen woman as portrayed in the New testament. Miriam of Magdalene loved Jesus and helped remove his body from the cataphone where he lay after the crucification. They had 3 children. This is recorded in the essene's account of the day.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

history is an interesting thing. if we could "prove this" Christians everywhere would riot. this is their hero after all... their celibate and perfect hero

Richard Zane Smith

how do you define myth?
I think myths,like our various creation stories of the world, are unique. The questioning of the myriad of cultural stories as "is it factual and historical?" is a relatively new process of the scientific era. Some myths were intentionally told in such way(outlandish!) so that the orator with a few words could inform the listeners that this was a cultural tale. Some were sung,also chanted,Some were simply recited with listeners would KNOW its NOT a story of what went on between two neighbors last night because the speaker saw it.

When science began its own branch of authority, out from under the religious powers, a new way of thinking began to emerge. Some of this was good, some not so good. "Myth" began to be slipped into certain "files" as "untruthful" instead of the broader file "unfactual." As a reaction, the religious extreme created a file called TRUTH and put in it "mythic stories."
This obviously divides people ...with little room for any other perspective.

I think science has UNDER rated the value of myth and religions have OVER rated myth.

Lika S.
Lika P5 years ago

Well, it doesn't matter if Jesus was married or not. Maybe it was a spiritual thing, or just ahead of his time. People these days have a work wife/husband, as in a person of the opposite gender who is your work partner.

The important thing is, Jesus lived. He spoke for the underdog. He saw everyone as equal, and the wealthy were considered the gossipers, and the greed of money that he spoke to give away to those in need.

Whether you believe in a deity or some other form of a creator, be it Mother Nature or the Big Bang, lets face it. There are just as many myths out there in all facets as there are in actual religion.

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago


Tim Ra
Tim Ra5 years ago

@Michael G. ~ I get to be a magical figurine? NO WAY!!!! lol ;-)

I honestly hope my action figure is drop-dead sexy. =)

Tim Ra
Tim Ra5 years ago

Ok, Ron, don't get all flustered and mad that I changed [edited] your post. It was all in good humor and not hate. I really don't know you well enough to say I would hate you in the first place.

My point was to show you what atheists, agnostics and free minded people see when someone starts spouting GOD as some entity you assume to actually exist. Some of us have a completely different point of view of what a creator is, let alone some people don't believe anything exists at all. What I was doing is trying to get you to see their perspective by adding in a fantasy character, Santa, because we can all agree he does not exist in the physical nature of today. Granted, there was a St. Nicholas in the history books, but we can all agree he is not alive today watching over every child on the planet.

Tim Ra
Tim Ra5 years ago

"As always, Santa speaks through those who believe in Him. All throughout the Christmas tale of St. Nicholas you see that shown. Not understanding who and how Santa works leads to the thinking you exhibit. He [Santa] will not use those who are unwilling to make toys for good, obedient children. His [Santa] whole purpose with Israel - well, the whole world in one night - was to use them to spread toys to children as He tells the Christmas Tale. How can He [Santa] use those who don't believe in Him? I'll repeat it is of no personal benefit for me to say that, other then to stay on Santa's good list."

There, fixed! lol ;-)