Top 5 Ways Cuccinelli Could Have “Done More to Protect Women”

With just weeks left before the Virginia governor’s race and Republican Ken Cuccinelli trailing in the polls, the state Attorney General is desperate to gain some ground, especially among women. The latest polls continue to show him trailing behind Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe. In hopes of turning that around, Cucinelli spent a moment in Wednesday night’s debate trying to appeal directly to women voters.

“No one up here has done more to protect women than I have,” claimed Cuccinelli.

Protecting women? Not so much. Here are the top five ways Cuccinelli could have done far more to “protect” women in Virginia.

1) Stop trying to ban birth control: Cuccinelli has repeatedly stated that he isn’t trying to ban contraception, but has authored bills that protect “life at the moment of conception.” When asked directly, these “personhood” bill supporters always claim that they have no intention of coming for birth control, too, but when questioned more closely, they admit that in their world, birth control is never anything that involves hormones. Instead, any form of hormonal contraception is an “abortifacient” and would be banned as an end result of legislation.

Don’t believe me? Ask anti-choice advocate Lila Rose, who chastises the Washington Post’s reporting on Cuccinelli’s desire to ban birth control as wrong only in the fact that the paper does not admit that hormonal birth control is really causing mini-abortions. “Washington Post, have integrity and report the facts. If a drug or device is designed to also kill children, it is not just contraception, it is also an abortifacient.”

2) Stop trying to close the states abortion providers: Two clinics in the state have already shuttered, knowing they have no way to comply with the new Board of Health rules that require them to rebuild as ambulatory surgical centers. Those new rules were pushed by the A.G., who refused to allow the earlier board of health to grandfather in already existing clinics and leave them exempt from the new legislation. What happens when people don’t have the ability to access abortion, especially in a timely manner? Some will go to dangerous lengths to try to induce an abortion. It won’t just hurt those who attempt to self abort, but also those who miscarry and are accused of self-abortion. In a state with low abortion access, every pregnant person is assumed guilty unless she can prove otherwise.

3) Support the Violence Against Women Act: Once upon a time, reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act was a given. It was only since the Tea Party takeover in the House that suddenly the idea of protections for women became controversial. As Congress fought over passage of VAWA, 47 attorneys general across the country signed a letter urging them to stop playing politics and reauthorize the bill. One of just three A.G.s refusing to support VAWA? Cuccinell.

Which of course leads us to….

4) Stop supporting mens rights activists: Is child support a “subsidy on divorce”? Does the practice “enable and even [encourage] mothers to simply walk away, take the children with them and basically plunder the father for everything he has”? So claims Stephen Baskerville, the former president of a fathers’ rights group called the American Coalition of Fathers and Children. Baskerville praised Cuccinelli’s legislative bills because they “help” fathers in custody and divorce cases, as reported by Huffington Post. “Cuccinelli offered two bills as a state senator in line with the movement’s objectives: one that would have prevented a parent from obtaining a no-fault divorce if the other parent objects, and another that would have encouraged judges to penalize a woman who asked for a no-fault divorce in custody and visitation battles.” Fathers’ rights groups have also campaigned for Cuccinelli, according to Huffpo, apparently seeing a kindred spirit in the candidate.

5) Give women equal pay protection: On the campaign trail, McAuliffe introduced a proposal to ensure that women received equal pay protections in the workplace. The proposal would increase penalties for companies found to be paying employees differently based on their gender, despite doing the same work. When asked for his stance on the issue, Cuccinelli refused to answer.

Virginia women currently earn just 79 cents to every dollar that a Virginia man earns.

In other words, thanks for the “protection,” A.G. Cuccinelli, but I guess we’d be doing a lot better without your “help.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


Jim V
Jim Ven7 months ago


Jerome S
Jerome S7 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 years ago

thanks for the article.

A F.
Athena F4 years ago

Get the jerks out of office. Thanks for the post!

Cletus W.
Cletus W.4 years ago

The [R]-orchestrated gubmint shutdown should just about do it for the Cooch in neighboring VA.

There are many a Teatard in VA who could care less about FACTS, how women are treated policy-wise, etc. But when these slackjaws start feeling it in their pocketbook, when the gubmint and its services are shutdown, and inefficiencies skyrocket all because [R]s are seen to be throwing such a public tantrum that even 3 year olds are bowing in respect, more than a few of even the Teatardiest will wake-up enough to look around and see which of the baboons are throwing their excrement at the citizenry.

Mary L.
Mary L4 years ago

Coo Coo chinelli needs to be benched, his season is lousy and he needs to leave the room.

As Aaron Sorkin once said, "These are serious time, and they call for serious people... CooCoo's 15 minutes are up."

Angela Monger
Angela Monger4 years ago

We live in a country where the infra structure is falling apart, there is not enough employment, children may go hungry next year, public education is being defunded, the GOP hates the idea of uninsured people getting medical for their children, and this guy is worried that people might not want to add more children to the population? Yo dude, work on making this country a livable place before you worry about my ovaries.

Karen H.
Karen H4 years ago

If women in Virginia value themselves, their daughters, sisters, mothers, etc. McAuliffe will win by a landslide.

Lynnl C.
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Cathleen K.
Cathleen K4 years ago

Cuccinelli embodies what the takeover by the extreme right wing means for the GOP today. Under normal circumstances, in a purple state like VA in an off year contest following a presidential year in which a Democrat won reelection to the WH, a Republican running to replace a still popular, term limited Republican governor SHOULD be a shoe in. Instead, he's in the fight of his life against a horribly weak Democrat with so much baggage that he shouldn't stand a chance. If you have a vagina or care about anyone who does, this should be a no brainer.

On a separate note, the comment from Lila Rose to WaPo about the pill is truly telling, but not in the way she intended. It's a statement that has absolutely no basis in reality. It is as factually inaccurate as the crazy notion that women can't get pregnant from a "legitimate rape". Something those of us who are prochoice have been slow to appreciate is the fact that the antichoice side has made up an entirely fake story about how women's bodies work, so we've been missing a big part of what's really going on here. These people are NOT just about preventing abortions. They are about forcing white women, who have very high rates of successfully limiting their fertility, to breed. It's Hitler's Lebensborn program dressed up in Christian sheep's clothing.