Tory MP Steps Out of Bounds, Quickly Reigned In

In Canadian politics, there is the way it’s supposed to work and the way it actually works. In our system, we are supposed to vote for our local representatives, who will go to Parliament Hill and vote for their constituents’ best interests. What actually happens is that most Canadians vote for the party or the leader of a party and most MPs hold tightly to the party line in the hopes of getting a better cabinet position should their party eventually form government.

These days, when an MP says something considered ‘off message,’ there are rumblings that even that is controlled by the Prime Minister’s Office — such as Stephen Woodworth’s attempt to re-define when an embryo becomes a human being.

On Tuesday, David Wilks, a backbench MP from the KootenayŚColumbia riding in BC told a meeting of his constituents that he would vote against the Harper government’s Budget Implementation Bill (C-38) but only if 12 of his fellow Conservatives would also vote against.

He told the gathered group, estimated to be around 30 people, “I will stand up and say the Harper government should get rid of Bill C-38.” (This would be the Harper government of which he is a part), but he would only stand up against the legislation if 12 of his fellow backbenchers also voted against the bill, saying that without 12 more, they had no chance of killing the bill.

The story hit the local and then national news on Wednesday and by Wednesday afternoon, his office had released a statement declaring his total support of Bill C-38.

“I support this bill and the jobs and growth measures it will bring for Canadians in KootenayŚColumbia and right across the country.”

The statement was actually more in tune with what he had previously said in the House of Commons.

Really, I guess we should congratulate him for managing to be off message for almost 24 hours.

But what of the constituents of KootenayŚColumbia? During the last federal election, more than 42,000 of them voted (of more than 67,000 eligible voters), and 55 percent voted for the Conservatives, but now what percentage actually feels as though they’re being represented?

Either your MP is lying to you in face to face meetings, or he’s terrified of his boss and what might happen if he steps out of line — even though there’s no being demoted from backbench government MP.

The Harper government’s incredible control of their MPs and their message is alienating voters and keeping down the voter turnout –which some have posited might be exactly what Harper wants.


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Photo Credit: Λουκάς Παπαδήμος Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας


Terrie Lynn Balmer

Barry T, we don't have three or four years to wait. This bastard could ruin us all way before then... Huhmmm, I guess Hitler is not in hell as we all hoped, but reincarnated. Heaven help Canada...

Oh dear, why did Jack Layton have to go and check out on us so soon.

Glenda L.
Glenda L5 years ago

People, put your money where your mouth is come election time!!

Bob Abell
Dr. Bob Abell5 years ago

Just as the extreme wing of the GOP is trying to destroy democracy in the U.S., and in the process alienating a substantial part of their less bigoted base, Harper, with his US advisers, is on the same road.

The solution for disaffected Tories is simple. If they want to get rid of Harper while they still can, they should cross the floor. A small minority crossing the floor will kill his majority, and kill his megalomaniac ambitions. A party leadership review will follow, and Harper will be (bad) history. This is not rocket science folks. That's the way the system works here.

Gayle J.
Gayle, J5 years ago

Why did the Canadians vote Harper in in the first place? They actually voted him in twice I think.

Christina Robertson
Tina Robertson5 years ago

Harper has done more harm to our Canadian International image and to the Canadian citizens than any other Prime Minister that we have ever had.
He is backed by corporations, particularly oil companies, pharmaceutical and giant corporations like Monsanto.
He is riding on the coat tails of the USA government and wants to climb up to the collar of that coat, little does he know he will only get as far as the pocket.
He is a single minded dictator who doesn't give a rats a-- about Canada, its' people or its' heritage.

He is a classic example of someone who has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) .
"NPD is a personality disorder[1] in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population. First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.
This is NOT the person who we need to lead our country; he does Not represent us in any way shape or form and it is time to get rid of him and elect someone who honestly cares for Canada.

sheri denato
Past Member 5 years ago


Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

I feell for you cousins.

Shan D.
Shan D5 years ago

If this MP wants to do what is right for Canada, he should put his money where his mouth is, and damn well vote against the bill. The worst Harper can do to him is kick him out of caucus - he would have to sit as an Independent, but he wouldn't stop being an MP. There *have* been some incredibly principled people who have done precisely that over the years - Chuck Cadman, especially. He went against the Reform/Alliance whip, and ended up kicked out... but even I consider him a hero for putting his constituents first - and I DESPISE the Reform/Alliance! And Harper can *call* himself a Conservative, but he really isn't one. He's still a Reform/Alliance wannabe dictator who is totally out of touch with normal people.

Nancy Roussy
Nancy Roussy5 years ago

That crazy maniac was elected by brainless morons and these imbeciles better not complain about these pieces of crap because they never lied and never hid their agenda! As for these elected officials if they want to have free speech then they should stop being part of a fascist party!

Leslea Herber
Leslea Herber5 years ago

Harper is a traitor. He's a fascist asshat & should be booted out of office. He only has power because he & his party committed the largest case of election fraud in Canadian history & the cops are owned by him & as such, won't arrest the SOB.

There's absolutely NOTHING benevolent about his fascism. And it's only going to get worse, the longer this scumbag is permitted to illegally occupy the office he's stolen.