Toys ‘R’ Us Will Install Nation’s Largest Solar Rooftop Array

It was recently announced that the New Jersey distribution center for Toys ‘R’ Us will soon be home to the largest rooftop array of solar panels in North America.

Upon completion, the 5.38 megawatt on-site solar mechanism will occupy 869,294 square feet of the Flanders, New Jersey building, and is estimated to generate 72 percent of the electrical needs for the Toys “R” Us facility.

Generating the same amount of electricity using non-renewable sources would result in the release of an estimated 4,387 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent emissions from 860 passenger vehicles or that of the electricity used to power 532 homes annually.

The solar power system will be comprised of thin-film photovoltaic panels that are flexible, lightweight, durable and maintain performance, even in sub-optimal lighting conditions. In addition, the non-ballasted, non-penetrating and removable racking system allows access to the roof and prevents debris build-up and maintenance issues.

“New Jersey’s leadership in providing renewable, clean energy opportunities for companies has helped pave the way for an installation of this size and underscores the state as a champion for solar energy growth across North America,” said Jerry Storch, Chairman and CEO, Toys “R” Us, Inc.

Earlier this month, Care2′s Kristina Chew reported that New Jersey is second in solar capacity in the US, only behind my native state of California. Unfortunately, residents in some of the well-endowed neighborhoods have complained about newly-installed solar panels because they’re “ugly” and could lower their property values.

In January 2010, a rooftop solar power system was installed at the Babies “R” Us in North Brunswick, NJ through a partnership with the developer. This was the first “R” Us store to utilize solar energy, which currently provides approximately 67 percent of the electricity needs at that location.

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Image Credit: Flickr - dahlstroms


jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago


Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

Wonderful! Lots more businesses should do this.


Good start USA!

Ronda Taylor
Ronda T6 years ago

Too Cool!! I used to work for a TRU location close to home and loved the job! Fun to play with toys all day! I'm glad to see them pushing forward!!

Joanna Marie De Leon
Joanna d6 years ago

cool i really love talking about solar stuffs

Masha Samoilova
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Lisa Bxx
L X6 years ago

Great! Let's show some support and encouragement for this company and its solar-powered locations! Now, how about the elimination of sweatshop and toxin-containing toys...?

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Chandrashekara Murthy

more and more research and implementation of utilization of enormous solar energy to global society- one of the best gift.

Brittiny Lefevre
Brittiny Lefevre6 years ago

This is awesome to hear! I hope the rest of the chain, and others follow the lead!

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan6 years ago

Great,now make it country wide.