Transgender Teacher Forced to Quit Job in New Mexico


A transgender music teacher in an elementary school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, says she was forced from her job after parents complained that she was a drag show performer.

Late last year, Cristina Cracraft’s drag performances posted on YouTube became known and a group of parents began complaining to school officials about her.

Both the school and the school authorities refused to comment but in a December letter to Cracraft, after she was placed on leave, said they were “to investigate off and on-duty conduct that has drawn parent complaints.”

“Every teacher has a right to privacy,” Cracraft told KRQE. ‘“There’s no reason for [my students] to know. Just because there’s a reason for them not to know what I do does not necessarily make what I do wrong either.”

“I think this is a woman’s rights issue,” she said. “It’s a trans rights issue.”

Cracraft says she will continue to perform in drag shows and move out of the state and look for another teaching position.

“The story isn’t over for me, that’s for sure,” Cracraft said.

New Mexico is one of 16 states that does have legislation covering employment discrimination based on gender identity.

There is a petition calling for her to be rehired.


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Photo from tedeytan via flickr


Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Is she following the school and state curriculum and meeting the needs of the students? This appears to be discrimination and parents bullying the school board to get rid of this teacher.

Sam Richardson

Well done to her, she seems to be filled with a determination and will to overcome! Bless her

Hannah Short
Hannah Short6 years ago

i would love for my kids to have a transgender teacher who has no problems expressing themselves. She did a drag show and and it was on youtube, so what, do people go out of their way to find people doing things they dont like just to get them fired?

Rin S.
Rin S6 years ago

So what she's a transgender? What she does in her own time is her business. She should get her job back, them fuckers.

Chris Volke
Chris Volke6 years ago

She should sue the school, the school board and the parents who violated her Civil Rights as protected according to the New Mexico Constitution. By doing so that might give other bigots pause before they try to destroy someone else's means gainful employment. This type of hateful behavior has to be stopped and individuals need to be made to pay for their bigotted behaviors.

Pego Rice
Pego R6 years ago

Hi Mary

I certainly understand your discomfort. In truth, because everyone is pretty protective of children, this sort of video will probably cause many in the GL community to let her swing in the wind. This is likely in spite of knowing why many TGs do such things. It is hard for most Ts to keep jobs at all, much less jobs that allow enough money after rent and bills to do the stunningly costly and painful medical proceedures, plus the legal hoopla

Nena Aragon
Nena Aragon6 years ago

This is absurd puritanism! There is no reason whatsoever why she should have lost her job over this.

Gene Jacobson
Gene Jacobson6 years ago

Okay, not my cuppa, though lord knows I could use the hair, lol. But nothing in that video, and it was my first, probably last, such, deserves forcing someone out of their day job. I read a series of books by a man named James Herriot years ago, entitled All Creatures Great and Small - which goes along with and the Lord God created them all. We come in all sizes, shapes and orientations. We are what we are and none of us is a mistake. All of us are worthy of life as we are without judgment. Petition signed in the name of human rights and equality. Either we all are free to be who we are or none of us are. I have to come down on the side of all of us being created equal and therefore worthy or we wouldn't be here at all. I don't have to BE someone else to appreciate that they are deserving of the same freedoms I claim for myself. And for every other living soul on this planet. Any planet, lol. Her time is her own and certainly I didn't see anything in the story to suggest she was a bad teacher only that some parent didn't like what she is. That's no reason to lose a job or dignity. Nor should it ever be.

Charlie Parkinson

Oh come on....she's not taking or selling drugs and alcohol's not like she's hurting anybody....

Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

OK I'm conflicted here. Yes, she has a right to privacy and to do as she wishes in private. But YouTube? Whole "but on the other hand." thing going with that.

I have no objection to the video as an adult. Do I think if she'd been my children's teacher I'd be comfortable with it? Nope.

Does she have the right to do it? Yes she does. But on the other hand, not sure I'd want her teaching elementary school. See? Conflict. Oh and if she were a high school teacher I don't think I'd be conflicted at all.