Tribe Stops Mining Company From Destroying Their Land

After being threatened by one of the largest mining companies in the world, the Dongria Kondh hill tribe of eastern India won a major victory — thanks in part to many of you. British Company Vedanta Resources made plans to mine bauxite on the sacred hills of the Dongria Kondh tribe, but an enormous amount of support stopped them.

Tribe members were devastated by the thought of this space — which the tribe relies on for their livelihood — being destroyed. Luckily, Survival International partnered up with Care2 to create a petition to stop the mining and preserve the tribe’s homeland. The petition garnered nearly 10,000 signatures — enough to succeed in the fight against the huge mining company.

The tribe, 8,000 members strong, lacks education and suffered an increased amount of violence during this fight, but did not let these barriers stand in their way of a victory. The Dongria Kondh’s continued fighting until they were finally able to block Vedanta’s mining plans. Although it was not easy, their dedication — along with the help and support of Care2 members, activists and even celebrities — made this victory possible.

Thank you to all Care2 members who signed the petition. Your actions are making a difference in the lives of people around the world.


photo credit: Creative Commons. Steve Punter.


David M.
Eva Daniher7 years ago

I'm a member of Survival International and their website offers form letters and e-mails which can be completed quickly and sent or mailed to various governmets about the rights of indigenous peoples across the globe. There have been some major successes, but Survival International's servers were targeted in November causiing the website to be unavailable for a time. So there are always vested interests looking to silence the voices and appeals of indigenous peoples. Please visit and take their recommended action for at least one tribe or indigenous group.

Lisa A.
Lisa A7 years ago

Thank God too, as I and many have placed this situation before Him in prayer-! and with everyone doing their part- especially the Tribes people., there was light at the end of the dark Tunnel! I' was very upset when I first heard their plight of wilderness corruption due to this mining company and hadnt had a chance to follow up and see what eventually happened. Thanks, Care2 for this update- it just put some warmth and a smile of gratitude in my heart this Christmas ... :-)

Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan7 years ago

Thanks to you too Care2 team and good job Survival International.

Robert Coleman
Robert C7 years ago

In a word: beautiful. Too bad I never had the chance to sign the petition here, but at least enough people still did!

Gloria Ortega

This is a wonderfull and happy news.

Yasmine Saad
Yasmine S7 years ago

I'm so glad this battle's won! :)

Annette B.
Annette B7 years ago

Fantastic news. Well done all those involved in this success. Best of luck to all you tribal people. My heart goes out to you.

Annette UK

Isabel C.
Isabel C7 years ago

That is wonderful news!!!

Elena B.
Elena Belikova7 years ago

It's so great to know about something positive in the world where so manny horrible things are happening daily!!! Thank you!!!

Marie Helene Z.
Marie Helene Z7 years ago

I Looove Good news! You made may Day! Bless you .