Trump Admin Okays Discrimination Against Gay and Jewish Foster Parents

Halfway through its term, the Trump White House really hasnít accomplished a lot legislatively for the country. Luckily for members of the administration, they seem to get their jollies from making the lives of marginalized that much more difficult, and if their ďsuccessesĒ are limited to perpetuating discrimination, that seems fine by them.

The†latest†example of that centers around Miracle Hill Ministries, a foster care service in South Carolina responsible for placing 15 percent of the stateís foster kids. The Trump administration granted MHM a waiver that allows the agency to place children in exclusively Christian, heterosexual households.

The biggest issue at hand is that MHM is funded with federal and state tax dollars. Rules stipulate that government money cannot be used to discriminate on the basis of religion, but the Trump administration decided it was okay to have the foster agency reject gay, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, etc. parents because otherwise it wouldnít be fair to MHM as practicing Christians.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster personally appealed to the White House on MHMís behalf, and insists that he would have done the same for a Jewish or Muslim foster care agency because heís†that†committed to protecting freedom of religion. Easy to say when itís a hypothetical; Iíll believe it when I see it.

If it feels like this sort of thing has been litigated before, thatís because it basically has. Thanks to court rulings, every single state now allows LGBT parents to adopt. Last year, a Republican legislator tried to sneak a rule that would keep funding discriminatory adoption/foster agencies into a critical funding bill, but fortunately it was eventually removed.

The thing is, itís not that religious-focused foster agencies are forbidden from existing Ė they just canít function on government money. If they want to declare that only straight Christian couples are good parents, they should have to do so with their own funding, not with the help of a diverse countryís tax dollars.

ďAllowing a federal contractor the ability to refuse to work with qualified prospective parentsÖ is directly counter to the best interests of the children waiting for families,Ē said Cathryn Oakley, a representative for the Human Rights Campaign. Itís also unlikely, as the Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt points out, that the Trump administrationís waiver will stand up in court.

However, the Trump administration has demonstrated time and time again that itís not afraid to lose in court. Taking unconstitutional stances plays well with the religious right base, and at least they get the fun of being bullies temporarily even if these rights are eventually restored.

If itís any solace, not every state is trying to block prospective parents of different sexual orientations and religious beliefs. For example, Connecticut is actively recruiting LGBT foster parents, and thereís not much the Trump administration can do about that.



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silja s1 months ago

again this administration and that tosser of a president are engaging in hate and abusive practices. I hear pounding of black boots marching into homes and schools...

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silja salonen
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horrid human

Barbara V
Barbara V1 months ago

He WOULD. A thoroughly stupid, bigoted bastard of hate and malice, who's nothing but a curse to this country and its people. I hope to heaven he will finally be impeached and, I wish, imprisoned for the myriad of crimes he's committed. What a disgusting excuse for a human being.

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Thank you for sharing

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Interesting that Trump wants to discriminate against Jewish foster parents, but if I email my Congressman (Brian Mast) through his website, he has a checklist entitled "What issues are most important to you?" On that list is "Supporting Our Ally Israel". Maybe he didn't get Trump's message.

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I do not expect anything good from the Resident so no surprise.

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Thank you