Trump Admin Wants to Reorganize the Government in Some Terrible, Unnecessary Ways

On Thursday, Donald Trump’s administration proposed some major organizational changes to the federal government. Although on paper they seem both unnecessary and damaging to some of the institutions that Americans count on, it’s Trump’s way of putting his stamp on the government.

“The federal government is bloated, opaque, bureaucratic and inefficient,” said Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. He added, “Businesses change all the time; government doesn’t… One of the things you get when you hire a businessman to become president is you bring this attitude from the private sector.”

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Republicans love the idea of having a smaller government, and this plan would help put them on that path. Here are two of the largest structural changes:


The administration’s hope is to turn two existing agencies into a single entity: the Department of Education and the Workforce. While there are some redundancies between these departments, for the main part this change seems to stem from a conservative philosophy that education should be a pipeline for setting up Americans for employment.

More cynically, the elite’s outlook is, “How can I prepare people to make me money?” Vocational training should be an educational option, but the notion that there’s no place for other intellectual pursuits puts education in a precarious place.

One of the White House’s arguments is that it can more efficiently tackle civil rights claims in both schools and the workplace by joining their respective divisions. Of course, the White House has been plenty efficient with it on the education side already, with DeVos hastily dropping over a thousand outstanding civil rights claims.

By the way – if selecting the incompetent DeVos as secretary of education was part of a long con to make everyone indifferent to losing the Education Department, then well-played Trump team!


Another big change would be renaming the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Health and Public Welfare, which would take on all of the welfare service programs like Medicaid and food stamps, which currently is a part of the Department of Agriculture.

Again, conservatives argue the motivation to go in this direction is for the sake of efficiency, but opponents see it as a way of more easily controlling benefits and adding stipulations (like work requirements) to more easily cut off the elderly and poor from services they rely on.

If that seems pessimistic, what else would the motivation be? Congressional Republicans have already said the #1 priority on their agenda is to cut social services to help reduce the deficit. They want these programs gone and/or reduced, and this move is a way to make that easier to pull off.

Take Action

Fortunately, these changes won’t happen simply because Trump’s cabinet thinks it should be the case. A restructuring of this nature requires the approval of Congress, so legislators have the ability to decide that Trump’s plans are pointless and counterproductive.

Join the Care2 community in signing this petition to call on both the Senate and the House to leave the existing executive departments untouched.

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Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thank you.

Chrissie R
Chrissie R8 months ago

Thank you for posting your opinion.

John W
John W8 months ago


Dr. Jan Hill
Dr. Jan Hill8 months ago

The dying breathes of America ....

Mary B
Mary B8 months ago

You understood absolutely NOTHING of what I wrote. The government existed long before there were TAXES.How do you think they created a money supply ?If you can figure it out, that's where the money would come from.And what makes you think that nobody would work? We EXIST FOR OURSELVES and we need all of those services too you fool. The work that needs to get done would get done, but beyond that, we could create our own work, and with our own share of the money supply, nobody would lose everything if those unnecessary jobs ended. Result is stability and thriving. Where's your profile? What are you hiding? Why do you think it's your place to make sure we all work? You don't own me or anybody else. That's what wrong with rightwing thinking.

S M8 months ago

Many Govt departments in The West need reformatting for the tech age. Many of their policies and protocols are out of date ..... but taking money to sit on shelves.

Chad A
Chad Anderson8 months ago

With limited resources in the nation and the world, why do we keep funneling more to where it will do the least good?

Joan E
Joan E8 months ago

Republicans steal from the poor and middle class, give to the rich who neither need nor deserve it. When our tax money goes to serve the needs of our people, as happens in most civilized European countries, people live well. Republicans cheat us, separate children from their parents, take away the services we need for a secure life. They are getting worse and worse under Trump and Putin.

Joan E
Joan E8 months ago

Everything Trump does is terrible, unnecessary, and usually unconstitutional.

Julie W
Julie W8 months ago

Solomon, did you forget to take your meds today? I stopped reading after the first few sentences of your word salad!!