Trump Administration Detains US Citizen in Secret Iraq Prison Without Charges

In mid-September, a U.S. citizen was detained in Syria and placed in a secret prison in Iraq. Though the man — who remains unidentified — has yet to be charged, he is still being held. And he hasn’t been given the opportunity to seek legal representation.

Department of Justice officials say that though the man is suspected of working with the Islamic State, they do not have sufficient evidence to back up this claim. Beyond this hunch, there appears to be no justifiable reason to detain this individual — yet he remains in prison, in complete defiance of the constitutional rights owed to all citizens of the United States.

And as anyone who is familiar with President Donald Trump’s consistently blasé attitude towards civil rights, this case should be especially concerning.

This was not lost on the American Civil Liberties Union, which has been monitoring the case. Last month the ACLU sought the government’s permission to legally represent the detainee. The Trump administration has since denied the group of this opportunity – and the reasoning is nothing short of strange.

Because the ACLU does not know the detained man’s wishes regarding legal representation, the Trump administration argues, they do not have the right to assume such a duty. However, since the ACLU is not permitted any communication with the detainee, it’s impossible to determine his desires one way or the other.

What’s more, this is hardly the first time such a scenario has arisen in recent memory. In the wake of 9/11, Congress enacted special legislation that included rules about detaining suspected terrorists. These rules were put to the test by the Bush administration — and eventually the U.S. Supreme Court had to rule that imprisoned U.S. citizens, regardless of their suspected crimes, cannot be detained indefinitely without charge.

And now, the Trump administration is flagrantly defying the ruling of the highest court in the land. If this president sees no issue with denying a citizen’s right to habeas corpus over evidence-free suspicions of terrorism links, where does it stop?

Some Trump supporters have called for groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa to be designated as terrorist organizations — would this mean then that individuals affiliated with these groups could also face indefinite imprisonment without charges?

If one citizen’s constitutional rights can be revoked illegally without recourse, then what is to say this would not happen to any other citizen? These protections are fundamental to the principles that guide our nation, and dispensing with them would be perilous.

As with any American under arrest, the man being held in a secret facility in Iraq must be tried or released — there can be no exceptions. He was originally detained on September 12, meaning that eight weeks have passed and the Department of Justice still cannot provide a valid reason to hold him, especially without representation.

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Pat P
Pat P2 months ago

In most articles that I have read, on this site, for months, Brian F. shows his endless obsession with demeaning Hillary and Obama, while praising Sanders. Since he rarely addresses the subject mentioned, yet, keeps repeating, basically, the same material about those above, in multiple comments with similar phrases, he is clearly a Bot with obvious problems.

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Margaret G
Margaret G3 months ago

John W wrote, “Antifa and the BLM are terrorist organisations. … “ To me, labeling these two groups as terrorist organizations is an effective way to further oppress the African American population and all those who oppose the Trump administration and the GOP Congress.

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Eric L. - Weren't they American citizens who betrayed their country and became TERRORISTS, doing their very best to kill AMERICANS ???
John C./Houston, Tx.

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Winn A
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Impeach tRUMP!!!!!

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