Trump Cares More About Punishing His Critics Than Fighting Domestic Terrorism

In the relatively brief time Jeff Sessions has led the U.S. Department of Justice, he has established a curious — and troubling — set of priorities for the country’s top law enforcement bodies.

Among these has been Sessions’ intent to revive the so-called War on Drugs – and with it, the archaic youth drug use prevention campaign, D.A.R.E. He’s also aiming to put to rest his predecessor’s law enforcement reforms and to challenge affirmative action in university admissions.

Most recently, the Department of Justice issued a search warrant authorizing the seizure of data files from a website focused on organizing protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration.

As detailed in a recent Care2 report, this warrant targets, and it could end up encompassing around 1.3 million Americans.

What is particularly unnerving about this warrant, aside from its gross unconstitutionality, is the impetus behind it: to punish those who oppose President Trump.

The audacity of this action is particularly apparent given that the United States is seeing the rapid re-emergence of violent white nationalism and fascism. And while Trump protestors have merely embarrassed the thin-skinned president and smashed up a few limos, the latter movement is actively injuring and killing innocents while carrying out acts of terrorism.

And yet we have seen neither the Department of Justice nor the White House provide the public with even basic lip service regarding the menace of white nationalism –- let alone take any sort of meaningful action.

No, apparently anti-Trump supporters are the true threat to American security.

The Department of Justice’s warrant is not the first instance of this administration going to war with the president’s critics. Not long ago the White House released the information of nearly 100 people who had made negative online comments to the commission investigating supposed voter fraud during the presidential election. This information included full names, emails and even phone numbers.

At best, this was an act of stupidity; at worse, a deliberate act of malice. But what happens when the increasingly emboldened white nationalists who fervently support Trump decide to terrorize those individuals exposed by the White House?

President Trump and his administration, especially in the wake of the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, have made it abundantly clear how they align themselves –- and it is not with the democracy-loving citizens of the United States.

While many people have rushed to condemn Trump’s impotent response to the Charlottesville attack and label him a neo-Nazi, his motivations are actually far more straightforward. Though, yes, he has surrounded himself with white nationalist sympathizers like Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon, I would argue that Trump has very little personal stake in such ideology.

Rather, the president is, without any hint of shame whatsoever, clutching desperately at straws. As much as he and his supporters may want to declare it “fake news,” the fact is that Trump’s approval ratings are circling the drain. As a successful television entertainer, Trump thrives on popularity and fandom — and when it comes to being a good showman, he must contort himself to please his audience.

As more and more of Trump’s voter base jumps ship, his natural instinct as an entertainer is to appeal to those who have always had his back: white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

For an egotistical narcissist like Donald Trump, ratings and approval supersede everything else — no matter how he earns them.

Photo Credit: Sasha Kimel/Flickr


Margie FOURIE4 months ago

Thank you

W. C
W. C5 months ago

Thank you.

Magdalen B
Magdalen B5 months ago

I'm sure, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and American Dad would be Trumpists.

donald Baumgartner
donald Baumgartner5 months ago

I agree w/ the picture above, Impeach Trump !!!!!

Carl R
Carl R5 months ago


RK R5 months ago

Wow! The alt left passed moderation at light speed and now all they are doing is looking at the past.

Will Rogers
Will Rogers5 months ago

That place looks like it could do with another civil war! People in that country could do with reading more books.

Kay M
Kay M5 months ago

he doesn't care about anything but himself.

David Y
David Youmans5 months ago

The problem is that Trump, is the most important person in this own life, so he gets really upset when others don't realize that he's the most important guy in existence.

I really think that what he believes. This guy's ego is bigger than the state of Alaska, and his mind is as sparsely populated. He knows so little about anyone else, That he really doesn't realize that he's a Moron. The problem is that he refuses to take even the minimum of advice from people who aren't.

Jeff Sessions is another story. He ISN'T a moron, and knows exactly what he's doing, which means that instead of being stupid, he's just plain evil. His plan is to put so many people of his choice in prison, That there won't be enough minorities, or outspoken progressives to elect another Democratic president.

At the same time he's trying to silence dissent, using fear of prosecution, to eliminate the right of Freedom of Speech, guaranteed us by the Constitution of this country.

Of course silencing dissent is one of the classic signs of fascism, as is imprisoning or even threatening to imprison, those who would speak out against tyranny. This is what the Trump administration is clearly trying to do, by insisting on that information. Those people weren't armed or dangerous, and they didn't commit any crimes. They simply gathered together, to publicly speak their minds, as the Constitution promises us the right to do...

Anne Moran
Anne M5 months ago

It's all about HIM...