Trump Keeps Nominating Anti-LGBT Judges, Ensuring Ongoing Damage

Regardless of how long Donald Trump remains in office – be it serving two full terms or getting impeached months from now – there’s no denying that his legacy will be felt in government for decades to come, due to his many appointments to the judicial branch. Unfortunately, LGBTQ Americans may experience the pain from these appointments more than anyone.

That’s because about one-third of Trump’s nominated judges are avowed homophobes. Last month, Lambda Legal, an organization devoted to maintaining rights for LGBTQ Americans, unleashed a report about the many federal judges Trump has nominated who have expressed striking anti-LGBT sentiments.

Vice gives a rundown on some of the judges already confirmed like federal judge John K. Bush who publicly used the word “faggot” and condemned the Kentucky Supreme Court for decriminalizing consensual sodomy. Fellow federal judge Joan Larsen, meanwhile, declined to hear a case from a gay family on parental rights because she believes a gay family is “lesser” than a straight one. Lambda Legal has more thorough profiles on additional judges.

This high ratio of anti-LGBT nominees is significant particularly when you look at just how many judges Trump is managing to get confirmed. Trump inherited a lot of judgeship vacancies (Republicans in Congress were stalling on Obama nominations in not just the Supreme Court) and finally has the legislator support to push them through.

Trump has already seen more judges confirmed than the past three presidents combined accomplished in their first years in the White House. With over 120 vacancies and a Republican majority at least until 2019, there’s no reason to think this trend will slow, thereby placing anti-LGBTQ judges in lifetime positions.

That’s a lot of power for a man who has been openly critical of federal judges who have ruled against his policies. We’ve already seen how Trump doesn’t particularly care about qualifications for his judges, even re-nominating some judges independently deemed to lack the credentials in 2018.

Trump has the power to remake the courts in his own ideology. Despite his pledge to look out for LGBTQ Americans during his campaign, his actions have shown he doesn’t have their back at all.

Remember, a lot of the rights won by the LGBTQ community in recent years have come thanks to the judicial branch. If federal courts are infiltrated with anti-gay judges, that could play a hard in halting or at least slowing the progress that’s currently in motion.

Sharon McGowan, Lamba’s director of strategy, told NBC news, “This burden will be hitting the people who need the courts the most.”

It’s a far cry from how it was under Barack Obama, who managed to quadruple the number of openly gay federal judges in his first term. It’s a shame that judicial nominations are currently left in the hands of a man who is perfectly fine with jeopardizing the rights of LGBTQ Americans in order to please his bigoted base.

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Thank you for posting your opinion.

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this is continued proof that ignorance & prejudice are damaging & dangerous...

thank you Kevin...

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Everything he does will have lasting damage, especially to animals and the environment.

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The most awful administration.

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I don't think this will surprise anyone.

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tis why the evangelicals forgive him for so many sins

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This is upsetting.

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