Trump Wants To Speak At the RNC

Where ever there is a stage, a camera, and a crowd, you can expect to find reality tv mogul and presidential candidate tease Donald Trump.  Trump, with his on again, off again, “maybe I will, maybe I won’t” president gambit, mostly disappeared from the media after no one wanted to show up to the presidential debate he would be hosting.

Now, since the primary is over and the Republican National Convention is planning its agenda, he wants back in.

He wants a speaker slot.  And he’s asking his twitter folk to make a push.  According to BuzzFeed, “Donald Trump is beginning to campaign for a big speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this year, asking his Twitter followers to ‘imagine him speaking at the RNC Convention’ today. One of Trump’s advisors told the Daily Caller that Trump’s ‘massive popularity is just one of the many reasons he is being sought as a keynote speaker at the Tampa RNC Convention.’”

Considering all of the work that Texas Congressman Ron Paul has put into getting a slot, including taking over numerous state conventions, you would think Trump would try a little more finesse to get a gig.  But maybe he can just offer them a bunch of money in exchange for a speaking role.

After all, that seems to be his gig.

photo by Boss Tweed (Flickr)


Dolores W.
Dee Wilson5 years ago

I'd rather listen to farts for an hour!

Nancy Crouse
Nancy Crouse5 years ago

Speaking of family values regarding the Donald, he has none! Sylvia B nails it. Trump is a typical corporate whore. He will do anything for money, turn a trick for a buck. When people are blinded by greed they will do anything for money, There is never enough for them. Thisw is so typical of the 1%. They espouse 'family values' but they show nothing of the sort in their own lives. Do as I say and not as I do.
You would think with all of his money he would do something about the dead rat on top of his head. Gene Simmons would benefit too. All of that money and no hair.
The profanity and obscene profits these men earn on the backs of people who are low wage slaves on these shores or not, is immoral and goes against the ideals set before our fathers of the revolution in the US and Confederation in Canada. What these men view as the 'American Dream" goes against the real ideas at the time of their country making.
All we can do is voice our disgust and vote out the money changers that the Family Value politcians supposedly espouse. They are all corrupt anyway. The televangelists are the biggest corporate whores using Christ as their pimp. Wrong people, you deserve to go to prison for a whole host of reasons.
Do us all a favour and tell yourself something you love to say; "you're fired!"

Audrey B5 years ago

WOW !! I am out numbered here, but I think Trump would ask questions know one else will at the debate, and you know we need to hear the Candidates answers, even if the questions are something they don't want to answer. He will keep going at them.

I know alot of people do not like Trump, but if he has something to say, he will say it. Yes he likes being the center of attention, but that is just the way he is, but we are watching and listen for the answers to the questions.

I suggest to anyone to go to the library and read Donalds book '"Time to get Tough" the book is great, and believe it or not, Donald has some very good ideas and how to get the results. I myself thought it was very interesting. It also open my eyes and ears.

Franklin Gullo
Franklin Gullo5 years ago

I hope they let him. Just one more fool in a an arena of evil idiots won't make a difference one way or the other.

Intelligent, concerned folks know they are all selfish, self centered and not on the side of the poor or middle class American.

Patricia R.
Patricia R5 years ago

Well, he would lend color to what will otherwise be a dull affair. That Trump, he wants to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral!

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

He's rich. Why doesn't he just go enjoy his riches and leave the rest of us alone. He's a typical Republican, money is never enough, he wants political power so he can screw the poor people even more.

Roseann D.
Roseann d5 years ago

Let him! The nuttier that circus is the better! Plus, it's great entertainment for the Left.

Sylvia B.
Sylvia B5 years ago

Let's see, having Mr. Trump talk about family values, how to use bankruptcy laws to screw over your investors, trading each wife in for a newer, younger model. Wow. On second though, it is a good reflection of what the Republican Party is all about, so let him speak. I'm sure it will be a fun-filled circle jerk for all attendees. ;)

Margaret C.
Margaret C5 years ago

Chris C., you are so good, thanks for the laughs. So bad!

Andrea MacDonald
Andrea MacDonald5 years ago

I believe the GOP should let Trump speak at the convention. The more stupid people speaking there the better. And Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin should follow.