Trump Wants to Use UN Climate Money on ‘Clean’ Coal

What if the world’s richest countries collected money to pay for clean energy projects to mitigate climate change, and then those countries decided to instead spend that money on the same old dirty energy sources like coal?

It seems ridiculous, but that’s precisely what dear President Donald Trump is currently angling for, reports Bloomberg. He’s using his clout to push the United Nations to use money amassed in the Green Climate Fund to construct coal plants around the world. You know, clean coal – because that’ll be the form of energy that saves this planet from ruin.

In the past, the Green Climate Fund has paid for innovative projects like building renewable energy systems and protecting food and water sources in vulnerable areas. Trump, meanwhile, would like to see more coal plants with technology to capture some of the carbon, presumably because American corporations would profit off a resurgence in coal.

The important thing to remember is that “clean coal” is a misnomer – while it may be marginally better for the environment than how coal is traditionally burned, it still is a terrible way to generate energy for our world, particularly as it relates to pollution and climate change.

If you don’t trust the environmentalists on this issue, perhaps you’ll take a coal CEO at his word? Robert Murray – a man currently in the news after suing satirist John Oliver for libel – recently acknowledged that clean coal’s methods are “neither practical nor economic.” He elaborated, “It is just a cover for the politicians, both Republicans and Democrats that say, ‘Look what I did for coal,’ knowing all the time that it doesn’t help coal at all.”

While many would like to think that Trump should have no say over how international climate money is spent after backing out of the Paris Agreement, the U.S. does still have a seat at the table because it donated $1 billion to the Green Climate Fund prior to Trump taking office. However, it’s hard to imagine that the Obama administration was hoping that money would go toward the propagation of coal.

Besides, it’s not as if Trump has any intention of contributing more money to the Green Climate Fund in the future. Not long ago, he accused the fund of being a scheme to redistribute wealth from rich nations to poor nations.

That’s one way of looking at the fund. Another more reasonable view is that the richest countries – that have built their wealth by polluting the planet – are giving back to the poorest nations that are already disproportionately affected by climate change. In the long term, these clean energy projects will benefit everyone, given that the health of the entire planet is at stake.

Though the world is starting to realize what a clean energy future looks like, it’s extremely unfortunate that leading nations have to do it without the cooperation of a world superpower that remains focused on coal and natural gas. If the message were not already abundantly clear, the international community is learning to disregard the input from the United States, particularly when it pertains to environmental issues.

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What an assh*le!

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It must be embarrassing and frustrating to have a president who is arrogantly out-of-step with the rest of the world.

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I HATE TRUMP evil idiot destroying all animals nature and people. He is a demon .

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'Clean coal'? Makes about as much sense as 'military intelligence'.

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Trump also wants total loyalty. Think he's sh!t out of luck with those. Coal is a dying industry, and it knows it.

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