Trump’s Affinity for Authoritarianism Is Entirely Undeniable

President Donald Trump’s odd relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin has received no shortage of attention from the media. And though Trump has recently made some effort to paint their relationship as less than cozy, he’s hardly held back in flirting with other world leaders at the helm of brutal authoritarian regimes.

Last month, Trump personally phoned and congratulated the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyup Erdogan, for his victory in a referendum to determine whether his office would be granted greater political authority. Many observers saw this action as a move by the heavy-handed Turkish leader to consolidate his already worryingly unrestricted powers.

Those critical of Erdogan have faced imprisonment and other forms of repression. For instance, last year a man named Rifat Cetin received jail time for posting an image on social media that compared Erdogan to J.R.R. Tolkein’s Gollum character, generally considered an embodiment of corruption and greed.

More recently, Trump reportedly had a very cordial telephone conversation with Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte. Since coming to power, Duterte has made headlines for flippantly insulting world leaders — including former President Barack Obama — and calling them crude names.

Worse, though, the leader of the Philippines has faced condemnation from human rights groups across the globe for his bloody war on drug trafficking with a death toll that continues to mount. Even though thousands — as many as 7,000 — have died in this campaign, most extra-judiciously, Trump has lauded Duterte’s ruthless efforts.

In their recent “very friendly” telephone call, Trump even invited Duterte to visit the White House.

As Trump apparently works through his checklist of his favorite world dictators, he was sure to not leave North Korea’s Kim Jong-un unacknowledged.

Praising Kim Jong-un’s ability to maintain his totalitarian position, Trump remarked that he is “obviously” a “pretty smart cookie” in a recent interview for CBS’ “Face the Nation.” To take this admiration a step further, Trump explained in another interview this week that he “would absolutely, I would be honored” to meet face-to-face with Kim.

Why is Trump so fixated on these brutal, human rights abusing world leaders? If these patterns didn’t paint a clear enough picture, then perhaps a look at another set of remarks will make the president’s goals evident.

In an interview with Fox News to mark his first 100 days in the White House, Trump lamented the difficulties he’s faced in pursuit of his various agendas.

What’s to blame for his inability to rapidly achieve his aims? Why, the U.S. Constitution of course.

The distribution of power outlined by the Constitution makes for “a very rough system,” Trump told Fox News. That’s because “it’s an archaic system” which is a “really bad thing for the country,” he explained.

Take a moment to let this sink in. Can anyone imagine what would happen if Obama had openly applauded hostile dictators while deriding the fundamental legal document upon which the United States government is based?

Critics repeatedly harangued Obama for supposedly being soft and too compromising on the world stage, while people like Donald Trump relentlessly doubted  his loyalty to American values and sovereignty.

It speaks volumes that President Trump’s audacious actions and comments have done little to sway his support base since the end of his campaign. At this point, it is difficult to say that this is hyperbole: Trump is more interested in being an authoritarian leader than a president who serves the American people — and he doesn’t seem to care who knows it.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons


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pam w. Some idiots on here think this pos is going to change. Lol!!!

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David F. LMAO!! Fux News with that pig and pedophile Roger Ailes who was on pussy grabbers team. PIG IS DEAD. May he rot in hell. Your kind of guy.

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Darlene B. You are DELUSIONAL if you think this pos will learn ANYTHING.

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Darlene...the bronzed bully believes he IS ALREADY a ''good human being"

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Stephen Brian10 months ago

Trump appears to still be thinking in terms of the Cold War. There were a lot of people who saw an opportunity to end the Cold War through collaboration between the U.S. and Russia against more brutal regimes. There are obvious problems with this, like the dangers of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. Let's hope Trump has caught up on the last thirty years of history and will act more appropriately in the future there. As for the others, Turkey is the NATO member sitting next to the conflicts in the Middle East so relations absolutely must be maintained there, and in order to address the abuses in North Korea and the Philippines, diplomacy has to be framed in a way that saves face for the leaders. Trump might be bumbling around on the job, or he might be setting the stage for productive negotiations in a way that has not been done properly by any U.S. leader in decades. I guess we will find out in time.

Darlene Buckingham
Darlene B10 months ago

People always rebel against authoritarians. The only thing that really works is sharing wisdom. Trump knows a lot about business, how to make money but he has never taken the time to educate himself about how life works. Money does not exist in nature. The concept is man-made. We all have to learn about money because in our society it is impossible to live without some knowledge of money, however the imbalance of making life all about money does not work and then a person has to force themselves on others rather then using the time to become a better person. Trump has hit a brick wall, interesting that he thinks building walls are a solution and he will have to grow as a human being.

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Thank you