Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club Allegedly Gave Out Fake Green Cards and Social Security Numbers

In 1993, President Bill Clinton‘s nomination of Zoe Baird for U.S. Attorney General fell apart when it was revealed that she and her husband had employed two undocumented immigrants from Peru as a nanny and chauffeur for her young child. In addition, they had not paid Social Security taxes for the two workers.

“Nannygate” was born, public opinion was fiercely against Baird and her nomination was soon withdrawn.

Then Clinton’s choice of federal judge Kimba Wood was kicked out because she had employed an undocumented immigrant to look after her child, even though she had done so when this was legal. 

Now it’s looking like supervisors at Trump’s National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, employed undocumented immigrants and gave out fake green cards — but nobody seems to be paying attention.

Why is this not front-page news? Where is the public outrage in 2019? Have we become so inured to Trump’s lies and cruelties that we don’t care any more?

On December 6, 2018, the New York Times published a story about Victorina Morales, from Guatemala, and Sandra Diaz, a native of Costa Rica, who worked as undocumented immigrants at Trump’s Bedminster golf club. 

The two women said they had worked for years as housekeepers at the property, making Trump’s bed and cleaning his toilets among other chores. They believe they were two of a number of undocumented workers, although they were unsure of exactly how many.

Morales and Diaz came forward because they were “tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when he knows we are helping him make money. We sweat it out to attend to his every need and have to put up with his humiliation.”

Did Trump know about the legal status of his employees?

According to The New York Times:

During the presidential campaign, when the Trump International Hotel opened for business in Washington, Mr. Trump boasted that he had used an electronic verification system, E-verify, to ensure that only those legally entitled to work were hired.

“We didn’t have one illegal immigrant on the job,” Trump said then.

This would seem to be one of the many times when Trump has said whatever seems politically expedient, regardless of the facts. But now the facts are being revealed.

Attorney Anibal Romero is representing several undocumented immigrants who have worked at Trump’s Bedminster club, including Morales and Diaz. He recently met with investigators from the New Jersey state attorney general’s office and handed over fake green cards and Social Security numbers allegedly procured by supervisors at Trump’s Bedminster club and given to Morales and Diaz.

Romero has also been in touch with an FBI agent who received a referral from Robert Mueller’s office and met with Romero in person to get the specifics of the case.

So now we know that both the FBI and the New Jersey attorney general’s office have evidence from Morales and Diaz — and maybe others — that allegedly proves that supervisors at Trump’s golf club gave out phony identities to some workers.

In The Washington Post, Paul Waldman writes that he’s not surprised that Trump may be using undocumented labor, since he already has a long history of this practice.

Nevertheless, we can hope that this investigation will move forward — and that Trump, who is already facing many lawsuits, will be once more charged with acting illegally.

Meanwhile, where is the outrage against a president who has pushed hard-line immigration policies and partially shut down the government in a spat about not getting his border wall funding, while his golf club supervisors are allegedly hiring undocumented immigrants to do his dirty work?

Why does Trump have one set of standards that doesn’t apply to anyone else?

Photo Credit: The White House/Flickr


Roberta G
Roberta Gyesterday

Ok Mary...go do your "better things"!
This dialogue started when I defended the right of people to post unpopular opinions that many on this site find disagreeable.

Where we differ is that this IS a free speech issue and obviously neither of us is likely to change our opinion..

The First Amendment was established to help promote the free exchange of ideas and to provide a form of redress to citizens against their government. Additionally, the First Amendment seeks to protect unpopular forms of speech. Speech that is NOT protected includes most (but not all) obscenities, child porn, libel and slander, perjury, extortion, harassment, threats, and words intended to incite violence.

If Care 2 wants to prohibit a person from posting here, they remove that person. The fact these people whose opinions you disagree with are still posting should tell you something. The rules gives them the freedom to choose to leave the site - it does not list penalties for unpopular opinions.

I suggest you ask Care 2 their views on this subject.

Mary B
Mary B2 days ago

ROBERTA G. A person or organization who wants to put up a site on the internet has to pay for it. They need sponsors and ads. THIS IS NOT A FREE SPEECH ISSUE. Did you read care2,s rules ? You've said a lot of things I could care less about as if this is something personal that you need to defend. And now you are accusing me of drawing in the rightwingers. Go to the bottom of the page and read the rules. They are VERY specific,and clear who they want on here and they apparently assume that most such people are adult enough to know where they're not welcome and move along. The internet may be public but websites are NOT. The fact is you lost this discussion a long time ago because you misunderstood the difference between free speech and public spaces. That is quite common. Way too many people seem to think "FREE SPEECH" means a person can say what ever they want where ever they want even if it,s total lies and just made up dumb shit. I'm beginning to think that you don't know anything about what the American Constitution ment by Free Speech. Now have I answered you plainly enough so that we can stop this ? I am not interested in your personal defenses or lectures. I have far more interesting things to read and do.

Roberta G
Roberta G5 days ago

Mary B...….....Your backyard is your private property. The internet is public. I think it is truly impossible to limit any opinion site to one point of view, although trump is surely trying to do so. I don't argue with right wingers on this site. When I read their posts, which isn't often, I laugh, or in the case of one poster, I count the number of times he uses "corrupt" . But even this guy says things which I occasionally could agree with if I wanted to wade thru the verbiage. is no effort to ignore posts you don't like. Or flag them. But I have found Care 2 does not usually remove posts just because a flagger doesn't like the political content. In other words, they do not censor opinions.

Posts like yours encourage right wing posters with extreme opinions.

Mary B
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ROBERTA G CARE2 is a private site and they DO have rules posted at the bottom of the page. Didn't you read them ? This is NOT a free speech issue. This is Private verses Public space issue. A private space would be like my back yard, a public park would be a public space but even there if the rigtwingers wanted to hold a rally, they would need permits and limit crowd size, and possibly cops on hand depending who was going to hold a rally. CARE2 is a petition site where we can also post our opinions and ideas. The problem with the rightwingers is that they come here not to sign petitions or do good in the world. they come here to start fights, insult us and the people we admire and take up paragraph after paragraph so that we can't get a conversation going with each other.Facebook is also privately owned but they pretty much let anybody on there and call it social media. CARE2 says what they stand for and what kind of people they're looking for. READ THEIR RULES. If I held a political rally in my back yard, I would make the rules.And I would say, pot luck, bring a dish to share, solutions, good ideas and lets sign some petitions.We are progressives and by our very nature we are not an inbred group That's why we can get together and talk about NEW ideas. Unless you'd rather argue with rightwingers. Then go to their sites and fight about the same old things.

Roberta G
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Mary B...I think my definition of "private" differs from yours. Is Care 2 really private? When ppl post their opinions on Care 2 site, they are posting publicly; and unless Care 2 wants to impose stringent requirements, all opinions are out there to read, or NOT read. As noted previously, we have to consider free speech and expression of opinions. We can flag posts (I do, sometimes); or ignore them (I usually do that). And sometimes, I actually read them. Basically, I figure if someone with an "unpopular" opinion wants to post, let them waste their time.

And as I said, I read outside my comfort zone to know what people think, regardless of my opinion of their thoughts. I don't think this should be an inbred group, resistant to others. That would be as bad as trump's wall.

Care 2, what do you think?

La'neSa'an M

Why am I not surprised. Let us work at getting thus to court.

Mary B
Mary B8 days ago

ROBERTA G I don't know why you are not understanding my position. I AM NOT AGAINST ANYONE EXPRESSING THEIR OPINION ! I am AGAINST THEM INTRUDING ON THIS PRIVATE SITE for PROGRESSIVES and spewing their rightwing stuff. We can read it else where. We do not need to have them taking over the site just to insult, spread misinformation, and tie up people in pointless arguments. This is not social media. CARE2 is seeking a certain kind of liberal minded, progressive group of people wanting to do good in the world and sign petitions.The RULES are at the bottom of the page ! READ THEM !This site has their own sponsors, they're not looking for just anybody. Do you understand ? This is NOT about free speech.

Paula A
Paula A9 days ago

Thank you for sharing

Lorraine A

I had heard before about him bringing in housekeepers etc for his golf courses and homes because he claimed he couldn't get "americans" to do the job. what a bunch of crap. These poor women work for 1/2 the wages and have to put up with all his crap which american women wouldn't. There is why they are working for him illegally.