Tubs of Water Save Strays From Summer Scorcher

INDIA– Every dog in Delhi has a long tongue this morning. It’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 C) with four months of blazing summer heat on the way. Finding shade is of massive importance for the stray animals here, but so is the search for clean drinking water. One small rescue team is taking that responsibility very seriously.

People For Animals Trust (PFA) in Faridabad has been placing large tubs, similar to bathtubs, throughout many areas of Delhi and the National Capital Region. In each instance, a local resident puts in a request for a tub. Once the tub is delivered by the charity, that resident is responsible for keeping the tub clean and full of water each day.

“In India, the stray population of cats is very, very few,” PFA President Ravi Dubey explains. “It’s mainly dogs, cows, bulls, calves and donkeys who are stray.”


Last summer, PFA set up 50 watering stations and this year they hope to do even more by widening their geographic reach.

Only a few days ago PFA announced their plans to make the tubs available again and they’ve been inundated with requests for help.

“You can’t believe it, our post for water tubs was seen by 12.000 people on Facebook,” explained Ravi who hopes other rescue groups will establish similar programs in their own areas. “Many people got inspired in different parts of India.”


A Concept Worth Spreading

Similar projects have been established in other hot climates, but it’s still a rare form of kindness.  Please share this story to inspire others.


william Miller
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How cool!

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Thank you for sharing.

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Great idea. I hope that other countries will follow!

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what a wonderful idea!

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Grazie per le buone notizie!!

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There are a lot of stray dogs in the Caribbean , probably Asia and Africa too, and know how to take care of themselves, unlike the US, where they get confused a lot, I noticed that. Graet job for the humans helping them.

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A great idea. Kindness is good for everyone.