Turn Off the Computer To Connect To Life

While being green is tough in many ways, many of us fail to take even the simplest actions, such as turning off computers at night to save energy. This elegant animated video from Nigel Upchurch helps put the issue in perspective:

Turning off your computer saves energy, battery wear and tear, and money. But the action of turning off electrical devices goes deeper, to behavior and attitude.  If your world view is that resources are sitting there to be used, then turning off the lights in unused rooms or the computer at night seems like a burden, an extra step.  But by making a ritual of turning off, we can regain a sense of wonder and gratitude that we have electricity at all, and that it, like all resources, should be valued and preserved. By ‘unplugging’ each evening, we can give structure to the day, divide the plugged from the unplugged time, and appreciate the pleasure of life away from electonic devices.

This nicely-done ad from Thailand (for a phone company!) demonstrates what we’re missing by not disconnecting:

The long journey toward sustainability starts with a single step — and a flipped switch.

When to turn off your computer? Here are the facts:

Photo: Still from Upchurch's video


Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

What a beautiful commercial! So true it brought a lump to my throat...

Allegra W.
Past Member 7 years ago

Lovely video, good reminder!

Gerry Withagee Porayko

Yes I turn it off at night and have the bios preferences to wake it up at 6 am.

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine7 years ago

I regret when the truth is the truth. I am one of the biggest boo-gers when it comes to conservation - yet, the best of us are not always at our best. Sometimes, I chosed to perform a defrag when I could do it in the morning. When tired out of my gourd, well, I do not always think beyond the bed-pillow and comforter.

I conduct firewatch patrols and find large companies and government offices the biggest abusers. Do not worry; I am on it! The day will arrive when all hell breaks loose when I send a notice to all with cc to all. No one will think to drop the ball. They can not argue with someone who knows - and has firsthand knowledge of the truth. Corner offices with windows to match - they go one further, they instruct my fellows officers not to turn the heat down! I am always colder than normal - and even I am more than warm in these rooms. I find myself defiant sometimes...

Julianna D.
Juliana D7 years ago

I shut off my lappy whenever I'm not going to be using it directly.

Jan W.
Jan W7 years ago

...and I'm going to do that right now..

Bye, bye!

Shayna Roberts
shayna roberts7 years ago

I totally agree with this article, well done

Cassandra Lai
Cassandra Lai7 years ago

Love those who is close to you, love your neighbors.

Krasimira B.
Krasimira B7 years ago

I turn off my computer to prevent current-strike consequences.

Carlos L.
Carlos L7 years ago

Excellent promotion!!!