Tweeting With Obama: Infographic


by Ronnie Citron-Fink

Last year, President Obama started tweeting. According to, messages that are signed BO are directly written by Obama, not a staffer. I keep looking for those BO signed Tweets in my Twitter feed and haven’t found too many yet. He’s a busy guy.

Last month, I received a Tweet with a photo link that contained a glimpse of Obama with Bo:

Photo of the day: President Obama and Bo go Christmas shopping. OFA.BO/UAfLSP

As someone who reads zillions of blog posts and edits many a day, I just love to give my eyes a break with visual messages, photos and graphics. After the man with dog photo (hope those were doggie clean-up bags in his hand), I followed the next flurry of Tweets. These Tweets raised my clean air mommy antennae:

From BarackObama Twitter Feed:

As we mark a huge step forward for cleaner air today, stand with President Obama to fight for even more progress: OFA.BO/UEJbDQ

President Obama announces a once-in-a-generation step forward for the environment and public health: OFA.BO/jfZbd7

#CleanAir rules will fight the fact that nearly 50% of lakes contain fish with unsafe levels of mercury.

The @EPA new Mercury and Air Toxic Standards will create jobs and save thousands of lives.

We’ve been applauding the new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards as the perfect gift to protect our babies, our parents and all of us from harmful air pollutants like mercury, arsenic, dioxin and other nasty, nasty stuff. This gift of clean air creates jobs, spurs innovation, save lives and secures a healthier future for our country.

And who knew this gift could be wrapped up in an infographic and a sweet Tweet card?

The Tweet:

Get to know the new national standards to reduce mercury and other toxic air pollution:OFA.BO/ptfgFD #progress

The Card:

President Obama just announced a once-in-a-generation step forward to protect our environment—the first-ever national standards on mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants.

It’s a huge accomplishment that will help clean up our air and water, preventing thousands of premature deaths and over 100,000 cases of childhood asthma each year.

Check out this fact sheet on what these new air pollution standards mean for our health and environment, then share it with your friends and family.

The Infographic:

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE infographic fact sheets? They are minimal, clean and easy to scan for folks like me who spend many hours hovered over a computer. These visuals are often chock full of important information…and Obama’s message does not disappoint.

To view this infographic larger, click here.

140 Characters or Less

What else is there to say? Please share this infographic. And have you joined the Moms Clean Air Force Twitter feed? You must! Why? Because the more we get the word out about about clean air, the more people hear our message…and everyone needs clean air today!

Please join Moms Clean Air Force


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Photo credit: ObamaBiden


Vicky Pitchford
Vicky P6 years ago


cassandra Yinger
Cassandra Yinger6 years ago

Love him. Might not be perfect, but he is the only one I can say I like & trust as a person.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons6 years ago

BO I thought that stood for something else like Body Odor. I am not sure our country can stand much more of his type of progress. I was hoping we would get some improvement once Bush was gone, but he has out bushed Bush.

Tamara H.
Tamara H6 years ago

If Obama isn't going to use his own tweet than it shouldn't be claimed as his. It should be simply labeled "Office of the President" because that is what it is. Balmy is kinda missing the point or misleading the masses, take your pick.

Don't like the design of his website (referenced in the article). It's "tricky". The first page makes it look like you have to "sign up" with your email and zip with the "I'm in" button. You don't. That can be by-passed. But most users would assume that you have to sign up. It's tricky or dishonest or bad web design or all three, though I doubt that it's unintentional.