Twitter Trolls Arrested after Attacking Rape Victim

Ched Evans was a successful English footballer for Sheffield United. Ched Evans is now in prison, serving a five year sentence for raping a teenager too drunk to consent to sex. So far, so good.

However, after his sentencing outraged football fans and general misogynists took to Twitter to denigrate the rape victim. In a shameless display of outrage over a woman daring to defend her right to bodily integrity, Twitter trolls took to the their keyboards. #ChedEvans trended almost instantly, followed by #JusticeForChed. Some blamed the victim, focusing on her drunkenness. Other tweets were simply vile. For example, one from fellow Sheffield United footballer Connor Brown called her a “money grabbing little tramp.”

Identity revealed, Tweeters arrested

In addition to these insults, many also tweeted the identity of the woman. This broke English law that makes breaching the anonymity of rape survivors a crime. In a bold move, the Twitter users in question have now been arrested.

Yet, as one journalist points out, the effective use of laws designed to provide justice and protection for rape victims is only half of the battle. What this nasty set of events shows is the long way we still have to go until women are adequately protected from sexual violence and discrimination.  The Ched Evans case evidences a damaging culture that blames women for seeking just retribution at the expense of men, presumes ulterior motives – such as jealousy, revenge or greed – lie behind rape claims and believes consent lies in the length of a woman’s skirt or sexiness of her bra instead of in her words and actions.

Until these attitudes are tackled, no amount of laws will prevent women from rape or its harrowing fallout.


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Leanne K
Leanne Kabout a year ago

Flagged Ashley D as a troll

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Ashley D: Either a troll or just completely clueless and demeaning towards women.

Ashley D.
Ashley D.6 years ago

An irony not lost on me is that these women holding the posters are somewhat suggestively dressed .. by no means am I suggesting that a woman's dress sense leads to rape HOWEVER if I were attached the last thing I would wish is for my chick to be stared at.

Ashley D.
Ashley D.6 years ago

Rape is rape .. with all due respect women should not allow themselves to get drunk and be taken advantage of in so vile a manner. Would I, as a man, allow myself to get drunk and be raped by a woman / women? It has been known ..

Abbe A.
Azaima A6 years ago

serves them right

Muriel C.
Muriel C6 years ago

the tweeting twits deserved their comeuppance. What they did is like a second rape to that poor person.

S R.
Sa R7 years ago

Rapists should not be imprisoned. They should be castrated!

Carmen n.
Carmen n7 years ago

@..: No, convicted rapists need to lose their genitals, THEN be sentenced for life, no parole.

Heather B.
Heather BennetT7 years ago


Past Member 7 years ago

He raped He deserves to go away for a long time.......trolls enjoy being red arrowed,they collect them like trophies,I now refuse to bite back at them by ,not answering their pathetic comments,(whether its through a newspaper forum or whatever)I find they then move on ,as they can't get the reaction they want!....they have no life nothing better to do,and I don't wish to waste my time on them!