U.S. Conservatives: Russia’s Gay Ban is Good for the ‘Natural Family’

Russia’s gay propaganda ban has drawn protest from an overwhelming number of individuals, world leaders and human rights groups, but not everyone is so outraged by it.

In fact, a significant number of religious conservative groups from across the globe, including six from America, have gone so far as to sign a declaration of support for Russia’s so-called gay propaganda ban.

The groups include the Illinois-based World Congress of Families, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Mission: America, GrasstopsUSA, the anti-choice Population Research Institute, and the group His Servants that produces, among other things, ex-gay literature.

Under the heading “Statement by worldwide organizations in support of the Russian Federal Law On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development,” the signing groups register their support for Russia’s anti-propaganda law against “the heavy attacks that the Russian Federation is facing” from international groups and world leaders.

The groups argue in the one page statement that the so-called “natural family created through the marriage of a man and a woman” is worthy of protection by the State, citing (in a way it was never designed to be invoked) Article 16 (3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The statement goes on to say that “children need special protection due to their innocence and immaturity” and that the “Russian law protects the innocence of children and the basic rights of their parents recognized in the international legislation and treaties.”

The statement then says:

With its new law Russia is protecting genuine and universally recognized human rights against artificial and fabricated “values” aggressively imposed in many modern societies. We also note that the concepts of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are not outlined in the existing binding international treaties and agreements.

We thus call for respect of the sovereignty of the Russian people and we invite all organizations and people who feel responsible for the protection of the innocence of children and their rights, the natural family and parental rights to stand up for Russia, as well as for Ukraine and Moldova suffering the same pressure due to similar laws.

The American groups join a diverse number of organizations from across the globe, including Italy’s Human Dignity Institute, Australia’s Endeavour Forum Inc., Canada’s REAL Women of Canada, and, notably, the British Islamic Medical Association and the Muslim Coordination to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). As Right Wing Watch notes, this is interesting if only for the fact that a number of the U.S. groups on the list actively campaign against Islam.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that a Russian group calling itself Occupy Pedophilia, that spans five Russian cities, is trawling gay dating sites so that it can “re-educate” gay men by forcing them to drink urine, simulating drowning and beating them.

The same group has been caught with guns out on “safari” for its main target, pedophiles, though how it distinguishes between gay people and those who abuse children seems incredibly blurry. A spokesperson for the group tells the BBC in a disturbing video interview that the group is against the “promotion of non-traditional sexual orientation,” therein quoting directly from Russia’s gay propaganda ban.

One wonders if those signing on to support Russia’s gay propaganda ban know that they are supporting the same legislation that is enabling such vigilante groups, or whether they even care?

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Angela Roquemore
Angela Roquemore4 years ago

No, they don't care.

Margaret Goodman
Margaret Goodman4 years ago

Wow, homophobia surely makes for strange bedfellows:

"...the Illinois-based World Congress of Families, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Mission: America, GrasstopsUSA, the anti-choice Population Research Institute, ... the group His Servants,...Italy’s Human Dignity Institute, Australia’s Endeavour Forum Inc., Canada’s REAL Women of Canada, and, notably, the British Islamic Medical Association and the Muslim Coordination to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC)..."

Maybe they'll get together to wage war on women and atheists too!

Lauren Berrizbeitia

Wow, our extremist conservatives seem to feel that the heterosexual family is extremely fragile and needs laws all around to keep it from withering away. Just the idea that gay folks may exist and be living happily and safely anywhere is enough to put it at risk. And apparently youth will flock to become gay and lesbian if they realize that there are no horrible legal punishments awaiting them, abandoning heterosexuality in droves.
Who knew?

Heidi R.
Past Member 4 years ago

Are any human beings so gullible as to believe that torture will bring about a better society for any reason?!

And, as 'the group is against the “promotion of non-traditional sexual orientation,” this can lead to the persecution of many, many people; depending on who interprets it. A slippery slope indeed.

Karen H.
Karen H4 years ago

Gabriel L, how is accepting LGBT putting “marriage of a man and a woman” in danger? Why would it need to be protected? And from what? I’m with Julie W (and wish I could give you more stars). Please explain!
The hope to one day be a grandparent has nothing to do with same-sex marriage. When I was engaged to a lovely young man I informed my parents that they’d have to rely on my siblings for grandchildren.
Maybe it’s time for another Russian Revolution.

Franck Rio
Past Member 4 years ago


Terry T.
Terry T4 years ago

Gabriel L, nothing's being done to protect heterosexual marriage by making it illegal for Gay people to be themselves, if anything this ensures years of divorce to come, forcing gays and lesbians to hide to keep from being locked up or murdered. Here I thought the US would be the last holdout to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, looks like Russia is about to do it's own version of Nazi Germany.

Lynnl C.
Lynn C4 years ago


Kellyanne M.
Kellyanne M4 years ago

I am so hoping you are being sarcastic Gabriel

nancy d.
nancy B4 years ago

Christian zealots are as dangerous as any terrorists. They are just narrow minded bigots.