UAE: Spousal/Child Abuse is A-OK Within Limits

In sadly unshocking news from the UAE, a recent court case affirms once again that women and children have no real rights in a family, as the Supreme Court approves of any abuse as long as no marks are left behind.

Via Salon’s Broadsheet:

In a recent ruling, the United Arab Emirates Federal Supreme Court upheld a man’s right to “chastise” his wife and children.”The ruling, citing the UAE penal code, sanctions beating and other forms of punishment or coercion providing the violence leaves no physical marks,” Human Rights Watch reports.

The decision came in response to the trial of a man accused of beating his wife and 23-year-old daughter. A court found him guilty and fined him 500 dirhams ($136), but he appealed. An appeals court upheld the decision and he took it to the Supreme Court, which also upheld the decision (but nice try, guy). The court ruled that he was guilty of “abusing his Shari’a rights” because, “although the husband has the right to discipline his wife in accordance with article 53 of the penal code, he must abide by conditions setting limits to this right, and if the husband abuses this right to discipline, he shall not be exempt from punishment.”

So there you go.  In the UAE a man can abuse his wife and children, who are his property, just as long as he doesn’t do anything that leaves any physical marks.  Emotional abuse, denying food, physically intimidating, or locking them away somewhere are part of his rights.  Hitting, slapping, beating, hair pulling, pinching, grabbing, kicking, or detaining are all quite ok, as long as no physical signs of these abuses can be seen by the eye.

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wixian lee
wixian lee7 years ago

oh, my god....

George Menzies
George Menzies7 years ago

Trying to adjust others from violence with punishment or affliction, by physical abuse or shame is an absurdity and ridiculous; what does he or she learn. That psychosis takes pride in over coming the weakness of NOT doing violence when it is demanded. Such people are apt killers, as we have seen. Make choices, prison time, how much, fine, how much, torture, how much. This is a modest case. Horror is when a young man throws acid into the face of a rejecting young woman or a woman is publically flogged for showing to much heal. The worst was demonstrated by Vlad the Impaler: for telling a lie you have a stake ramped up your back side, stood up like a crucifix and left to die.

Martha Pendino
Past Member 7 years ago

I'm with Sheila M.

Rummana S.
Rummana S.7 years ago

What's all the fuss about? I am pleased to hear that the UAE government has fined this man for child abuse.
The part within parenthesis, which cites the Supreme court ruling, doesn't mention anything about it being ok to kick, slap smn.

Islamically, there is a saying of the Prophet SAW :
Respect you children and improve their manners because children are a gift to you (from Allah). (Ibn Majah)
The best of you is the one who is best to his family and i am the best of you to my family.(tirmizi)
The best of is the one who is the best to is best to his wife.(tirmizi)
believing man should not hate a believing woman. If he dislikes something in her character, he should be pleased with some other trait of hers.”(Sahih Muslim)
A companion asked the Prophet of God what is the right of a wife over her husband?’ He said, “That you feed her when you eat and clothe her when you clothe yourself and do not strike her face. Do not malign her and do not keep apart from her, except in the house.”(Abu Dawud)

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

This is the 21st century isn't it or did I time travel back to prehistoric times.

Sheila M.
Sheila M7 years ago

Seneca said , "All cruelty stems from weakness". Men are weak and rely on cruelty to keep themslves in power. If they were not so afraid they would not have spend so much energy keeping women down - this applies to all not just muslims.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

Abuse is abuse and not one of mankind's greater qualities of behavior and character. Let's uphold a man's rights to 'chastise' his spouse and keep this character flaw in place.

Sarah D.
Sarah D7 years ago

If my boyfriend or husband ever hit me or one of my kids he would not be a man anymore.

The only time you should ever beat someone is in self defense, that does not include beating your wife or daughter because they displeased you in some way.

April Thompson
April Thompson7 years ago

Absolutely disgraceful! Abuse is never o.k anytime!

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters7 years ago

They are still in the dark ages, not really surprising.