UCS Exposes Lies Behind Monsanto’s Claims


Monsanto pours millions of dollars into campaigns to buy the support of governments and farmers and even children. They claim only their genetically modified seeds can save the world’s growing population from hunger.

Care2′s bloggers have taken them to task for

The list goes on. (See Related Care2 Stories below.) The Union of Concerned Scientists has had enough. They are taking the gloves off and going after Monsanto with a campaign that shouts: “Monsanto Fails at Improving Agriculture.”

The three ads strike Monsanto where the company makes its loudest claims. Take a look at the ads on this and the next two page. Then go to the UCS Web site and help them “Set the Record Straight on Monsanto.” They don’t have Monsanto’s marketing budget, but they have the concern of people around the world who care and are ready to speak out.

#1: More Herbicide + Fewer Butterflies = Better Seeds?


#2: A Bumper Crop of Superweeds


#3: All Wet on Drought Tolerance

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Jim Ven
Jim Vabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Phillip Schneider

GMO absolutely should be banned from the earth.

Melanie Wolfahrt
Melanie Wolfahrt4 years ago

Thank you for the informations

Emily Drew
Emily Drew5 years ago

GMO's MUST be banned!!!

Elaine Pequegnat
Elaine Pequegnat5 years ago

Monsanto - and other companies that promote pesticides and genetically-modified sees world-wide are causing irreparable damage to the environment, destroying economies in developing countries, and destroying our future as a world.

Dale Overall

Yes Melinda K you are right, no one should be allowed to "own" food or have seeds that are contaminating other fields, so many unpleasant things going on with anything to do with Monsanto!

Dale Overall

Monsanto is a frightening and evil corporation that cares more about its own bottom line instead of worrying about what kind of GMO monster they have unleashed upon the world. GMOs are a threat to the future of the planet and sustainable agriculture. Just think, more pesticides are needed to preserve GM0 crops. That should be all the warning anyone needs to stop this trend.

K O.
Kristi O5 years ago

Down with Monsanto...BUY ORGANIC!!

Angel Campbell
Angel Campbell5 years ago

Say no to Monsanto and buy organic!! Support your local organic farmers!

Margarita G.
Margarita G5 years ago

Thank You very much for posting!