Ugandan Parliament Outlaws Female Genital Mutilation

It’s one of the least talked-about crimes in existence, and with good reason: no one wants to discuss something as horrifying as female genital mutilation. And yet, the tradition is still practiced in corners of the world that rarely see any attention, and little to nothing is done to stop it.

Sunday we recieved one good piece of news in the fight against this practice: the Parliament of Uganda has criminalized the practice of female genital mutilation, which is practiced in remote corners of the country. The recently passed bill criminalizes the practice and says that offenders can be imprisoned for five to ten years. 

A few members of the Ugandan Parliament also appealed to government officials to increase education by creating female boarding schools in areas where female genital mutilation has negatively impacted females’ levels of access to education. 

It may only be one country right now, but this bill is a big step towards protecting and improving the quality of life for all women in Uganda — and hopefully, it will be a catalyst for other countries to start pushing similar legislation. Ninnet via Creative Commons


New G.
W. C6 years ago

Thanks for the news.

Pat G.
Patricia E G6 years ago

Bravo Uganda ! Africans believe in some strange Rituals,
but this procedure is completely unnecessary.

James L.
James Loewen6 years ago

The genital integrity of ALL children needs to be protected, by international law, world wide.

Adults who are in the business of surgically, raping and reducing the genitals of ANY child, (male, female or intersex) must be brought to justice.

Protect ALL children from ALL genital mutilation NOW!

Batambuze Paul Wamuka

I thank Uganda's parliament for having thought wisely to pass this law against Female Genital Mutilation. What is is now left is its enforcement to save our beloved sisters and mothers in mainly the Sabinis and other tribes. This too destructive and should be stopped immediately.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W8 years ago

I agree with Lauren.

Leanne Evans
Leanne Evans8 years ago

It's about time something was done about this. Plus the more we educate people the more likely they are to stop this kind of mutilation of girls and young women.

Lauren Stone
Lauren Stone8 years ago

Charlotte L.> Circumcision is healthier for no one. That's what it is called by the people who do it to girls also. If you believe that the foreskin is "only a flap of skin" you need to do some research. If that is the case, then the clitoral hood and labia are also "just flaps of skin".
If you knew how a penis is supposed to function and what the foreskin actual is you wouldn't say such things.
Penile cancer is very rare and men who are cicrumcised are actually more likely to contract and spread STD's.
Male circumcision is damaging to the boy and the man he will grow up to be. It makes the penis smaller, less sensitive, by about 20,000 nerve endings, can cause life long problems and pain, just as it does in girls and women.
Americans and Canadians need to learn the FACTS and stop being such hypocrits about this issue.
It is a human rights violation and the sexual abuse of child. How is that "good" for anyone?

Marishka k.
Marishka k8 years ago

they should get a longer sentence but at least it is something to start

Charlotte L.
Charlotte L8 years ago

Circumsition for boys is healthier in the long run. Men get less penile cancer and the spread of certain venerial diseases to women when the man has been circumsized as a baby. It's only a skin flap. With girls, parts of their body are actually cut out. It's excruciatingly painful for a very long time, easily infected, and stops sexual pleasure as an adult. The last part is the real reason it's ever been done in the first place. Of course!

Linda M.
Linda M8 years ago

i've heard of this for a long time so i'm glad it's finally being resolved. thanks for the article.