Union Helps Build Green Senior Housing in Ohio


Written by Mike Hall, AFL-CIO

The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT) is investing $10 million toward a $14 million project to rehabilitate the Mayfield Manor Apartments in Canton, Ohio, as part of HIT’s national Construction Jobs Initiative and the AFL-CIO’s Green Jobs Initiative.

The project will keep 144 units affordable for current residents at the senior citizen facility for 20 years and is expected to create 100 union construction jobs in an area hard-hit by the economic slowdown. Rehabilitation work on the six-story building will be done with 100 percent union labor.

Michael McElfresh, president of East Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council, says, “The American labor movement has a tradition of caring for retirees and seniors, and Mayfield Manor exemplifies this core value.”

It is fitting that the work of preserving this housing will be carried out by union workers and financed by union pension capital invested by the HIT.

The project includes energy-saving retrofits such as new energy efficient windows and doors, low-flow plumbing fixtures and a more efficient heating system to help reduce operating costs and keep housing affordable.

The investments by the HIT and its subsidiary, Building America CDE, of more than $1 billion under the national Construction Jobs Initiative in the past three years, have leveraged $2.3 billion of development across the country and generated more than 13,000 union construction jobs.

The project brings the HIT’s total investments in Ohio to $287 million since inception more than four decades ago. These investments have created or preserved over 6,900 units of housing for Ohio residents and generated more than 3,640 jobs for members of the local building and construction trades unions.

This post was originally published by the AFL-CIO.


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Laura R.
Laura R5 years ago

I would like to add a comment about unionism on a smaller scale. My local helps one deserving resident (or family) of our community each year. We collect the funds, then team up on one day, we form a "union" for the day, and do whatever is needed. We re-roof, paint, anything that we can think of to help one of our neighbors in need. I believe that it gives a different perspectivve of unionism that I wish people would consider.We work together to help someone in our area. That is part of being united. "Unionism" is not a bad thing. It just means being united for a cause. Small or large issue. I am proud of being a union member.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers5 years ago

Good news

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Thanks for the article

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Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago

What a wonderful project; kudos to all involved!

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Thank you for sharing.

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

FANTASTIC. Normally seniors are cast away

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