University of Wisconsin Cited for Animal Welfare Violations

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been cited with more breaches of the Animal Welfare Act with regard to its animal testing laboratories. Coming on the heels of an investigation in December, which found twenty breaches, this most recent inspection by the USDA cited the research facility for expired medications and dirty, “cockroach infested” primate holding rooms.

The circumstances cited this time around, as well as the investigation eight months ago, are indicative of the general attitude that vivisectors have toward their test subjects. Animal testing is by its very nature a cruel occupation and requires that those who take part in it have no regard for the safety, comfort, or lives of animals.

It is a mockery to expect that a person who makes their living by subjecting animals to painful, distressing, torturous experiments and circumstances, will magically develop a conscience in regard to the way that the animals are housed or cared for before, and after, the experiments.

The USDA announced in June a renewed commitment to enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, making mention of several possible enforcement measures, such as fines or revoking licenses. The USDA, however, made no mention of any specific actions planned against the facility at UM-Wisconsin. But spokesman Dave Sacks said the Act will be enforced “to its fullest extent”.

As is always the case, researchers and doctors associated with the facility in question insist that animals are treated “responsibly” and treated “with care”. But there is no way to treat an animal with care while subjecting them to cruel tests. It is very telling that the Animal Welfare Act sets the bar at the bare minimum, yet facilities that conduct vivisection are still unable to meet those requirements.

The fact that facilities like the one at UW-Madison are unable to meet even the mediocre standards set by the federal government, shows that treating animals with the modicum of decency that is expected, is beyond the ethical capabilities of vivisectors.

Even if animal testing wasn’t a reckless, scientifically unsound method of conducting research, it is arguably the single most ethically deplorable behavior that humans have come to embrace.

No matter how low we set the bar for animal welfare standards, there will always be violations because you cannot expect a person to possess both the callousness it takes to torture an animal, as well as the compassion it takes to nurture and care for the animal after the torture is complete.

Photo: PETA - Public Domain


W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thanks for caring.

William C
William C1 years ago

Thank you for the information.

Jane D.
Jane Davidson6 years ago

Animal experimentation is a big business for experimenters, funders, suppliers, breeders etc. hard to understand how anyone can engage in these atrocities. What goes around comes around.

Jane D.
Jane Davidson6 years ago

Animal experimentation is a big business for breeders, suppliers, funders etc., but has to be stopped. Hard to understand what kind of individuals can engage in these atrocities.

Manel Dias
Manel Dias6 years ago

Those who are supposed to be protecting the Animals welfare; and in this case it is the Government ...and it has failed to meaningfully look into these defenceless animals wellbeing.
How on earth one can say it has been properly taken care of while inflicting these helpless animals day in day out almost on 365 days.???? University of Wisconsin so called researchers need to understand that if they are TRUE scientists they need to know the modern methods to use for researchs... Rather than inhumanely inflicting, abusing and putting these innocent animals through life long sufferings in Misery & Pain. World has changed and the Rules need to be changed too. If this U of Wisconsin does not use the latest & modern technologies for scientific researches then they are far behind the rest of the scientistific world. What a bunch of Morons.

Tamara Hayes
Tamara Hayes6 years ago

I am ashamed to not only live in WI, but also of the human race in general. I know there are many of us who fight day in and day out to stop all of this cruelty and the injustices that man consistently perpetrates against man, the earth and all of her creatures. But there are even more who are the ones who lack morals, compassion, a sense of right and wrong, and just an overall core of decency period. And it those humans that are destroying everything that is good, beautiful and sacred on this planet.

Linda Bowman
Linda Bowman6 years ago

this has to stop alolo this killing you have no right to kill anything unless you are mil;itary thrn its to save your own life and many others why allow this inhumane torture to continue ,the funding shyould be cut off and as far aS i GO YOU WILL NEVER SEE Another dime,and my friends when they see this you will have no more money to kill innocent creatures ever again,not ever again I will see your money is cut off ,remember interview with the Vampire you just hit the juggler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! evil begets evil and you are.

C. B.
Connie B.7 years ago

Is there an update on this? Like everyone else here, I signed this ages ago and would like to know. Thanks.

Angie Suarez
Angie Suarez7 years ago

I think that the reason certain indavilduals are testing animals is to find the " gene" that holds faith!!! This to me is not only my personal belief but my understanding that God did not create man to THE torture of & OF kill animals!! This is with out a doubt cruel and will never be achieved ( finding the gene ) .. I will be a voice for the animals and I will not Shut Up because others think my voice is to voicterase!! I speak on behalf of PEACE AND LOVE EVERYWHERE AND IN EVERYTHING!! INCLUDING ANIMALS!

Mitch Franks
Mitch F8 years ago

I hope the religious people in the world and the republicans here in the US don't read this article and try and teach cats how to gun each other down and drive planes into buildings.