Unusual Partnership In Middle East Saves Dogs

An animal welfare group based in the Middle East has teamed up with a high-powered oil company to save the lives of stray dogs.

The Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (KS PATH) announced their partnership with the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) for the humane control of homeless dogs that live on the streets in Ahmadi city.

Together the fourth largest oil exporter in the world and the animal welfare group will initiate the first Trap-Neuter-Return program in Kuwait.

KS PATH said in a press release, All of the methods used to capture and control the dog population will be the most humane and advanced available in the world.

During the past few years residents of Ahmadi city have become concerned about the increase of homeless and feral dogs living on the streets. The city was built in the 1940s for employees of the oil industry.

The management of KOC looked into the matter, but was disappointed with the current means of animal control in the area. They wanted a more humane method for keeping the animal population down and thats when they contacted KS PATH.

The group came to the city and studied the situation. They concluded that between 400 600 stray dogs reside on the streets and the population was rapidly growing.

KS PATH then introduced KOC management to a successful model program used by animal control in Phoenix, Arizona that humanely traps stray dogs, spays and neuters them and returns them to the street.

They also agreed to take custody of many of the adoptable dogs and place them in their new shelter which will open on January 21, 2011.

KOC invested the necessary money to buy the equipment to get the program running and KS PATH will implement the TNR program over the next ten months. The organization will then get to keep the equipment so they can continue TNR programs in other parts of Kuwait.

In addition to the dog control program, KS PATH will be writing an animal control contract and will start a similar program for stray cats.

KS PATH strives to improve the quality of companion animals in Kuwait by providing them with shelter, food and medical attention. They also work to improve the conditions of farm animals and animals imported into the country.Their goal is compassion to all animals. Their shelter accepts any and every animal into our care.

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Dalal A.
Dalal Alrushaid6 years ago

Well Natasha, I am an animal lover, and I am one of the volunteers at KS PATH, Do u know what the government is doing to theses dogs!! They poison them it takes 1 week for the dog to die, one week of Suffering and pain, they do that all over KU!!! Check this link http://www.aldaronline.com/dar/detail2.cfm?articleID=146840 ask someone to translate it to you it’s from one of the Kuwaiti news papers.
KOC AREA is in Ahmedi have you ever been there??? most of the people living there don’t like dogs some of them will go shoot them for fun or to get rid of them.
Remember one thing this is KUWAIT an Arab country not Western! You say the dogs are friendly?!?! It’s not true not all of them, I’ve been to Ahmedi and I saw them! Most of the dogs are food aggressive, because of lack of food, I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Will you adopt these kind of dogs and take it to your house and let it be around your children?? No one would because these dogs behavior is unpredictable.
Haven’t you though what kind of life these dogs have there??? Do you know what kind of food they eat?? If your friend is feeding those 10 dogs there are other hundreds fighting to find food! I don’t think what KS PATH is doing wrong because they know more about this country than you do! I am a Kuwaiti and I know how people think about animals here, so euthanize them humanly is much better than letting them Suffer for weeks to die! One more thing what I understand from what y

Julia R.
Julia R6 years ago

Thank you for submitting this article about companies working in conjunction with animal shelters or local animal welfare groups that are trying to improve the situation for animals in their communities and countries. A joint effort is what we need in all countries to help deal with an overwhelming and critical need for many homeless and abandoned animals. This article shows what businesses and communities working together can do to come up with humane solutions to
help our animal friends in need.

Natasha Vuletich
Natasha V6 years ago

it would be so nice if this were actually true. i live in kuwait and i have worked (volunteered) with K'S PATH (formerly known as animal friends league), i've volunteered for 2 years with them and i started noticing that the rescued strays that were brought in never came out, i never saw them again (including some strays that i rescued) then we found out that k's path puts all strays down and only keeps [ure breds and small bred dogs (with very very very few big strays) because the adoption fee for pure breds is way more profitable. There are many stories i could say about this organization but i will stick to this particular one. KOC (KUWAIT OIL COMPANY) has paid k's path 14,000 kuwaity dinars which is 50,899.83 USD , to spay/neuter and release. but what has k's path been doing? instead of spaying/neutering and releasing they've taken the money and they are going around putting all dogs down claiming they are aggressive. My friend owns a company which is NOT on KOC land and he had a mother dog give birth to 8 pups on their premises so he made them a shaded shelter on the premises and they have been living there for the past 6 months (mom, pups and the dad).There are over 300 workers on the premises and they have all been feeding the dogs for months and never had they had an incident with the dogs being aggressive, on the contrary the dogs were very friendly to everyone but last week john (managing director and husband of the owner or k's path) came to my friends company an

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine6 years ago

Goes to show compassion is within ALL groups to some degree or another. This news is very comforting to hear Kuwait...

Marge F.
Marge F7 years ago

Thank-you for the interesting article with a happy ending as well. While it was for their benefit, it's nice to hear that KOC was willing to work with & financially help KS' PATH to care for the task at hand to achieve their common goal. Both KOC & KS' PATH deserve a pat on their back for finding & using such a humane solution to the problem caused by the vast amount of stray dogs.

Deanna Giggles
Deanna Zimmerman7 years ago


wizzy wizard
wiz wi7 years ago

wonderful l news

Vava Watson
V W7 years ago

This is AMAZING...

Alison A.
Alison A7 years ago

Great! Thanks for posting.

Robin H.
Robin H7 years ago

This is wonderful! Thank you to the Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (K’S PATH) and the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) for the humane control of homeless dogs that live on the streets in Ahmadi city. I wish you every success!