Update: Don’t Let The Texas Puppy Mill Bill Die

There is good news to report about the controversial Texas Puppy Mill Bill that was referred to by opponents as “dog Gestapo.” The Texas Senate voted to approve the measure on Monday night.

The Senate made a few amendments to the bill which will have to be approved by the House, but ultimately commercial breeders who “sell or exchange 20 or more animals yearly and have 11 or more females capable of breeding” will have to comply with regulations that will protect animals.

Breeders will have to be licensed and submit to a yearly inspection of their kennels. They will have to provide basic grooming for the dogs and cats, keep cages clean and have all of the animals examined by a veterinarian at least once a year.

According to the Associated Press, the Senate bill exempts breeders who raise greyhounds and herding or hunting dogs from regulation.

The bill was originally introduced in the House by Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) where it passed in such a heated debate many thought it would never make it to a vote in the Senate.

It then fell to the responsibility of Sen. John Whitmire (D-Houston) and the Committee on Criminal Justice. Sen. Whitmire reassured his critics that the legislation wasn’t trying to hurt responsible breeders, but prevent irresponsible ones from raising animals in cruel conditions.

Sen. Whitmire said, “This bill gets at true puppy mills, which gets to all types of health and animal welfare issues.  The main thing is to stop breeding in inhumane, unhealthy and unsanitary conditions.”

Opponents still call the bill an overreach of government and warn it will put good commercial breeders out of business. 

The SPCA of East Texas was very pleased with the approval of the measure.

Deborah Dobbs, president of the organization told KYTX TV, “The good breeders should be excited because if we can shut down some of these mills their business is going to go up because people will stop buying puppies from bad millers that cost three to four hundred dollars and after 4 or 5 days they die.”

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Photo from Animal Rescue Corps


W. C
W. C2 months ago


William C
William C2 months ago

Thank you for caring.

Fiona T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Please keep it going

Valentina R.
Valentina R4 years ago

Don't shop, adopt.

Barbara Mathiews
Barbara Mathiews4 years ago

I am so Happy this Bill will pass...I hate Puppy Mills ..We really needed this in Texas and really ALL STATES...Adopt don't Shop!!!!

Phyl M.
Dai M4 years ago


Kathleen S.
Kathy S4 years ago

This is great news. This should have been done years ago.Too many animals have suffered because of the ignorance of these breeders. They still need to be watched.

Marie Hernandes
Past Member 4 years ago

This is very good news and a kick in the ass for the rotten breeder.

Paloma S.
Paloma Stuart5 years ago

I wish all breeders were shut down but we have to admit that some people like to buy dogs with pedegree so the least that can be done is to have some regulation so the living conditions of dogs and cats are good.

Tamara r Pearlman

Again, I can only pray for this legislation to pass. Too many posters are correct in that too many offenses to people, our environment and animals occur here in Texas. Consumer's rights have all but been eradicated here. I fought binding arbitration in 2002, and to think that the trickle up affect is now in every contract that we sign is mind boggling. .
Please continue to voice your belief in this legislation as that is the only way that it will truly be passed. Thank you!!