Update: Woman Who Tried To Mail Puppy – Won’t Get Him Back

A Minneapolis court administrator called Stacey Champion’s attempt to ship a puppy through the U.S. Mail, “disgraceful” and denied her custody of the dog in a hearing on Monday.


Ms. Champion got a lot of attention last week after she stuffed a 4-month-old puppy inside a box, taped it shut and tried to mail the animal from Minneapolis to Georgia, via USPS. 


The puppy named Guess was rescued by post office employees and has been under the care of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control.


Champion had 10 days to regain custody of Guess and her appeal was heard by an administrative officer this morning.


The Uptake streamed the 15 minute appeal at City Hall, where Ms. Champion defended her action of trying to send Guess through USPS priority mail to her son in Atlanta. She wanted the young dog returned to her and asked for a refund of the $22 priority mail fee she paid.


She told Administrative Hearing Officer Fabian Hoffner that she didn’t think she had done anything wrong because there were no signs in the Post Office stating that a live animal couldn’t be mailed.


Champion also stated that she had punched air holes in the box and left a water bottle for the puppy.


A spokesperson from the Post Office told Hoffner that tape around the box covered the air holes and the puppy would have died if he hadn’t been discovered by the clerk behind the shipping counter.


He also said Champion told the clerk, three or four times that the box contained a toy robot.


Ultimately Hoffner denied Champion’s appeal to regain custody of Guess.  He said, “You cannot tell me you thought you were doing the right thing.”


Ms. Champion said she was human and that everybody makes mistakes. 


Champion still faces two counts of animal cruelty charges.  Guess will now be eligible for adoption.


Click Here to see the full administrative hearing.


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Lynnette Bower
Lynnette Bower6 years ago

Stupidity knows no bounds. She should be in prison.

Stacey S.
Stacey S7 years ago

just another case of people thinking (or not) that animals are just "things" that are not alive. Tape her up in a box & mail to antartic! with no clothes

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton7 years ago

WTF? Did she ever think she would get him back, let alone let him get there alive?

wixian lee
wixian lee7 years ago

something wrong with her mind

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago


Carolyn Harrison
Carolyn Harrison7 years ago

This woman should never be allowed to own another pets and any existing pets should be surrendered. I hope they throw the book at her.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran7 years ago

thank goodness they saved the pup. they should ban her from going anywhere near animals.

Philip A.
Philip A7 years ago

Defies belief!

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B7 years ago

yes, hard to know if she's crazy or scum or a little of both

Rita Delfing
Rita Delfing7 years ago

As the saying goes "I think her cheese slipped of her cracker" what a dingbat.