US Airways Arrest 20-Year-Old For Baggy Pants

Is wearing baggy pants a crime?

For US Airways, the answer is “yes.”

Deshon Marman, a 20-year-old football star at the University of New Mexico, was arrested on several charges connected with his failure to pull up his baggy pants on US Airways Flight 488 from San Francisco to Albuquerque on Wednesday, June 15.

Attending The Funeral Of His Best Friend

Marman, a native of San Francisco and graduate of Lincoln High School, had come home to attend the funeral of his best friend and former high school teammate David Henderson, who died after being shot in the head last month.

Marman is facing charges of trespassing and resisting arrest after he refused to obey a pilot and female flight crew member, who claims she saw his exposed boxer shorts.

Is US Airways The Fashion Police?

Has anyone from US Airways spent time around young men of this age recently? It’s hardly an attractive fashion, and I sometimes wonder how these males can even walk, but it is very popular. High schools generally have a dress code that prohibits the wearing of baggy pants, but those boys still try to get away with wearing them every day.

But US Airlines doesn’t even have a dress code.

Would they also object to spaghetti straps or tank tops on young women? Does US Airways consider itself the fashion police? Or is this blatant discrimination?

Flight Captain Made A Citizen Arrest

From The San Francisco Examiner:

The San Francisco Police Department said Thursday that the flight captain made a citizen’s arrest after Marman allegedly refused commands over a 10-minute period to pull up his pants. Police encountered Marman as he walked off the aircraft to the jetway, where he struggled against attempts to handcuff him and injured an officer, according to a press release.

Marman was held at the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City until Friday, when he was arraigned and released on bail. San Mateo County prosecutors have not decided whether to file charges against Marman.

Marman Apologizes

The San Francisco Examiner reports that Marman released a statement saying, “I’m embarrassed by the negative attention that has been brought upon my family, my football team, my teammates, and most of all myself.”

He also announced that he planned to return to New Mexico within the next few days, but would fly Southwest.

From NBC Bay Area, here’s a further excerpt from the press release of the police giving their side of the story:

“The aircraft Captain was notified of the incident and requested the SFPD be called. Two officers were dispatched and responded to the scene. Upon arrival the officers interviewed the witnesses. The Captain stated that he was not going to fly with Marman on the flight because he was displaying his underwear in an inappropriate manner and asked for him to be removed. Officers advised the Captain of the elements of trespassing which required a citizen arrest be made.”

Take Action!

Do you believe it’s a crime to wear baggy pants? If not, click here to sign a petition asking San Mateo County prosecutors to drop all charges against Deshon Marman.

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon via Creative Commons


Victor C.
Past Member 5 years ago

n you imagine if any of the great men in history had worn saggy pants?Who would have ever taken them serious?Just take a moment.There are many you can just imagine and think wow that just would not have worked.Einstein,Thomas Jefferson.John F. Kennedy,Dr. Martin Luther King...the list goes on and on.Don't be fools sagging just makes you look stupid!!!

Victor C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Sorry for using this word but use your brain not your ass!!!!Like the Kardashians!!!

Victor C.
Past Member 5 years ago

The only thing that I would like is for young people to learn from the past and one thing that should be passed on by parents is to have your own individual style and not be like sheep and just do stupid things because they are in style.Think for yourself and realize that there must be some limit to your rebelliousness.If you really want to be a rebel there are so may things that need fighting for right now!!!If you really want to be known as tough then show some mental toughness and change what is wrong with the world today.THis world so needs heroes more than ever.Will you be that heroe?!!!

Barbaretta J.

I dont want to look at someones behind or underwear.If the person that wears this look would spend more time on the Brain instead of the Ass it would be a far better world out here for all of us.Will this fad ever go away?Seems Like gross,demeaning,stupid things hang on forever and ever.I'll be glad when its ends and we can get back to normal in life.Hurray for any state who wants to ban the look.They cant do it fast enough for me.

Victor C.
Past Member 5 years ago

To arrest someone over this is out of line but I do wish these idiots would learn to dress like they have some wits!!!

Trudi Gray
Trudi Gray5 years ago

Yes- it looks totally ridiculous, BUT- if this young man and others like him choose to make themselves look like absolute jackasses, that's their long as no-one tells me that I HAVE to dress like a prick, I don't care.

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

this is ridiculous...however, i can't stand it when guys expose inches of their underwear, it's disgusting.

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

Getting arrested for what is being worn, is stupid and violates the first amendment. Shame on the government.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Bibi S.: I have a strooooong feeling those baggy pants didn't made Loughner kill all those people. But I have a suspicion that you are a card carrying member of the NRA so I will say only this: Guns kill people. Blaming it on the fashion, the Interwebs, computer games, etc, will not change the facts. But to return to the issue at hand. I think a lot of fashion are seriously ill-thought of, but I'm not, unlike US Airways, the fashion police so I just shrug it off me when I encounter ugly clothing.

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago