US State Department Issues Amazing LGBT Video

The US State Department has followed up on Hillary Clinton’s historic speech to the United Nations in Geneva with this video — one which could have been produced by an LGBT organization and actually has the same style as those produced by many working for international LGBT rights.

The video uses some of the most reported excerpts from the hour long speech she gave on the same day that the White House issued a memorandum ordering all agencies and departments to support LGBT rights internationally.

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Image US State Department


Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.5 years ago

rather... LGBTTTIQQ2A... S(traight)
as we have it in Canada...
do we really need both L & G, as it is repetitive for 'same sex' (same gender)???

Sexual Preferences (Neuroplastic Sexual Orientation): different sex, different gender, same sex, same gender, one sex, both sexes, more sexes... one gender, both genders, more genders... mix'n'match... combine as desired... change as desired (yes, desire is neuroplastic...)

Gender Identity: Female, Male, Neutrois... finalized-for-life after birth in early infancy...

Gender Expression: Feminine, Masculine, Androgyny (in between)... Queer (wildly fluid)...

Sexes: Müllerian half derived, Wolffian half derived, Müllerian-Wolffian halves derived (physical anatomically intersex)... sometimes it stays the same for a lifetime; sometimes it grows differently later on in life...

s. ryan
p. q6 years ago

badass hillary yo

James Campbell
James Campbell6 years ago

Impressive and welcome, if long overdue, but I wait to be more impressed when the full acronym (LGBTI) is used consistently and Intersex people are considered worthy of inclusion in any discussion/oratory referring to human rights. I was involved in a case in a country where (shall we say) ‘human rights’ are not in the government’s vocabulary. An individual, who has an intersex condition, was identified as male (despite the fact that she is female) and on the basis that she was living with a man, was facing the death penalty. We had to prove she was female. I am just thankful that Caster Semenya lives in South Africa.

mary t.
mary teraji6 years ago

Good job Hillary!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

That was powerful! A coming from the United States Secretary of State means people will listen. Thanks for sharing!

Carole Cherne
Carole Cherne6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this wonderful clip

pam w.
pam w6 years ago


lee e.
lee e6 years ago

Hillary makes a name for herself! What a great video - and what a commendable action!

leanne mcivor
leanne Torio6 years ago

Mrs. Clinton is truly awesome inspiration and your country is very lucky to have her!

KARLOLINA G6 years ago